King Emeritus returns to Spain and takes refuge in his friend’s house


Juan Carlos I has returned to Abu Dhabi after almost two years. At Vigo airport he was received only by Infanta Elena and the ship’s owner, Pedro Campos, in whose house he is staying this weekend.

Juan Carlos I, after arriving at Vigo airport.
Juan Carlos I, after arriving at Vigo airport.Lalo R VillariAP

When King Emeritus’ plane entered Spanish airspace yesterday, the pilot of the plane put the sound from the control tower over the loudspeaker. “Your Excellency, welcome to Spain,” announced the air traffic controller, to which Juan Carlos I According to sources close to the emperor, the tears could not stop.

Shortly after this Thursday at 7:13 pm, he landed at Vigo Airport. The father of transition, the defender of democracy after the 23-F coup, the head of state for nearly four decades arrived in his country on a private flight, traveling the same route he did on August 3, 2020. He left Spain, that too through Galician lands. Then he went under the pressure of the Royal House.

After years of scandals, beginning with case us and ended with an untimely fall in Botswana and the publication of its link to the Lukam Foundation. Prompted by his own son, who renounced any inheritance from his father in a statement, Don Juan Carlos had to quietly leave the country he had helped build after the dictatorship. He’s gone Abu Dhabi While in a retirement he thought was temporary, while the prosecutor’s office investigated his movements and studied whether they could accuse him of any crimes that had not been violated for years. But when Dolores Delgado’s team closed the cases that were pending with the king, without conviction, far from being able to return to Spain, Don Juan Carlos sent a letter to his son stating that he wished Had to set up his residence in Abu Dhabi. It is my intention to organize my personal life and my residence in areas of a private nature so as to enjoy the maximum possible privacy, I prayed.

And it has been the return of the former head of state as a retired man. Two cars of the Civil Guard and the same car of the National Police stood guard in front of the Sanxenxo airport authorities’ entrance. some media expected evyn gulfstream With G450 registration number Aruba and operated by the Angolan airline Bestfly, which brought in the former king of Spain. There was no longer an investigation by the prosecutor’s office, nor was there any reason to hide.

Perhaps that’s why the plane landed within camera range of the montage press. Don Juan Carlos, of whom only three photographs had appeared in these nearly two years, got off the plane alone after two escorts. At the bottom of the stairs, the man accustomed to being received by a court for red carpets and honors, was with Infanta Elena, Pedro Campos and his wife, Christina FranzeWhich smiles at the embrace of father and daughter with intertwined hands. that was all. There was also a slight bow from Doa Elena at her first meeting with her father in Spain.

withdraw from public life

Don Juan Carlos, accustomed to official cars and large safety equipment, was treated as a private person since retiring from public life by the Royal House this Thursday. That’s why he got into his friend Campos’ car and, with only two vehicles, they set out on the road to the home of the Galician shipowner.

Upon his return to Spain, the king sleeps in a room in a family home. He returns home, but does not go to his home. And it matters little what he’s going to do these days of regattas at sea, where he finds freedom, as he admitted in 2012. At the end of this edition, a small security team from the Royal House was transferred. Saxenxo, But he had no orders to hold anything for this Friday, the day when Don Juan Carlos would be brought before the press for the first time in years at the regatta.

This will be an opportunity to see him on the go, to find out how he is, perhaps to answer the question whether he has missed Spain, whether he wants to return to live here at some point. Ode why he’s going to Jarzuela as a guest this Monday, if it’s true that they won’t let him return to their palace in another way.

Because the three days that Don Juan Carlos is about to spend in Sanxanxo is preparing for the most uncomfortable moment for the former king: his return to Zarzuela. On Monday, he will meet Doa Sofa, Don Felipe and other family members at his home. It will be a meeting of no more than six hours, ending with Don Juan Carlos on his way to the airport to catch another private flight to Abu Dhabi.

And perhaps then, after four days in Spain, eight hours earlier to Abu Dhabi, in a plane with his escorts, the king would remember that message to the nation after neutralizing 23-F or pardon that one, I won Botswana and should not return after 39 years on the throne which is now too far away.

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