King Felipe calls for “maximum commercial and social commitment” in the face of Spanish uncertainty

III Expansion of International Forum


At the economic meeting organized by the expansion, the emperor warned that “uncertainty is defining the new reality of the 21st century”.

King Felipe VI, together
King Felipe VI with the President of the Madrid Assembly, Eugenia Carbonaldo, from left to right; Minister of Foreign Affairs, European Union and Cooperation, José Manuel Albers; Ana I. Pereda, director of ‘Expensin’; leader of the Popular Party, Alberto Nez Feijo; and Javier Rodriguez Palacios, Mayor of Alcal de Henares.Bernardo DAZWorld
  • Forum Government optimism in crisis hits inflation: “We’re heading into a more complex scenario”

Tomorrow under the slogan ‘The world is changing: New frontiers of growth and development’ III International Forum of Expansion In alcal de henaresorganized in collaboration with European House Ambrosetti, The event brought together some of today’s most emblematic economic and political figures to discuss geopolitical, geo-economic and technological concerns that pose great challenges to future generations. The economic devastation resulting from the pandemic has been combined with the war in Ukraine to create a scenario through which inflation parades; supply crisis; increase in rates and energy costs; and the imminent threat of food shortages for developing countries.

King Philip VI It closed the day earlier this Wednesday with words indicating concern about an uncertain future, which is “a very complex scenario” for the Spanish economy “in which any forecasts made that are subject to high levels of uncertainty” is subject to”. For this reason, he called for “maximum business and social commitment to be able to overcome the challenges”. Only in this way, Don Felipe believes, can economic stability be achieved in an environment “which lacks it.”

Monarch stressed that at a time when decision-making calls for “slow reflection, a weighted assessment of the facts and a well-established assessment of experts” urgently: “Uncertainty is defining the new reality of the 21st century”He insisted before asking to awaken all potential energies to redirect this state.

First Vice President of the Government of Spain and Minister of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Nadia Calvioinaugurated the honor with Congressional intervention and invited participants to “row in one direction” to “avoid crunchy and ambient noises that do not contribute to the well-being, prosperity or coexistence of citizens”. .

Apart from the economic vice president was present Jose Manuel AlbaresForeign Minister, who “highlighted the importance for the EU in energy autonomy and raw materials, and welcomed the approval that was given yesterday Brussels On top of the price of gas for the Iberian Peninsula

Alberto Nez FeijoThe president of the PP claimed that there is “an alternative to coercive protest” that “does not consist in impeding, but in making proposals”.

The Forum was organized by Expensin, part of the Unidad editorial group, and sponsored by Abertis, Alcal City Council, Caixabank, Cepsa, Community of Madrid, Enes, Andesa, EY, Iberia, La Liga, Naturagi, Sanitas, Santander . Telefnica, Tendam, Unicaja and Volvo; In collaboration with Alcal University and the think tank The European House-Ambrosetti.

Miguel Primo de Rivera Orioli Alcal de Henares was the driver of the first day, attended by the mayor of the city, Javier Rodriguez Palaciosand the rector of their university, Jose Vicente Sazu,

Present on behalf of EL MUNDO & EXPANSIN’S GROUP Nicola Speroni You stefania bedogniThe general director and director of the editorial unit, Joacun Manso, director of EL Mundo, and of extension, Ana I. In addition to Pereda, who underscored the “correctness” of companies reorganizing their decisions amid uncertainty. by war.

This conflict also focused the conversation of the participants in the forum. In an increasingly unstable world, the war is creating “polarization between the countries of the North and the South”, warned Stefano Sanino, Secretary-General of the European External Action Service. Italian diplomat also pointed to synergy between Russia and ChinaWhich he defined as more economic than political, and reaffirmed that the Asian giants “represent the biggest challenge in the coming years, an alternative vision of multilateralism.”

The Forum included representatives of the two nationalities involved in the war through a debate moderated by the editor of the Financial Times. Michael Stott, from Moscow, Dr Andrey Kortunov, The Director-General of the Council of International Affairs of Russia explained that “there is no sense of war going on in Russia.” On the other hand, Ukrainians Zhanna KryuchkovaThe founding partner of Jensen Capital Management highlighted the deep anti-Russian sentiment among her compatriots: “The victory of Ukraine will be that there are no Russian troops in our small territory,” she said.

Participating in the debate was also a former Spanish foreign minister. Anna PalaceJoe, as a European who sees this mutation of the world, insists that it is the Ukrainians who have to decide, because they are the ones who are casting the dead.

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