Kings return to the road on the first day of the Armed Forces after the pandemic


He presides over the military parade in Huesca with the Queen and the Ministers of Defense and Interior. Attend the Champions League Final in Paris at Night

Felipe VI, in an act this week.
Felipe VI, in an act this week.EFE
  • meeting Felipe VI warns his father about the “consequences in Spanish society” of his behavior.

Armed Forces Day That this Saturday is celebrated in Huesca would be the first of many things. This will be the first military parade at the festival since restrictions due to the pandemic are lifted. It will be the first to be held outside Madrid and with its classic format. And it will be the first popular act presided over by the King and Queen, who return on the road after days of turbulent visits to Spain for the first time at the Royal House. king emeritus,

The city of Huesca will be a privileged witness to all this, having been designated more than two years ago to host the Armed Forces’ Great Day, a day on which civilians can come to appreciate members of their armies.

Huesca has had to wait, because over the past two years, given the restrictions imposed by the COVID, the Defense Ministry opted for a shorter parade format to avoid the risk of contagion as much as possible.

But now these limits have been removed and under the leadership of the department Margaret Oxo The parade, held on the eve of one of the most important international events, has once again deployed all resources to restore normalcy, the NATO summit to be held in Madrid in late June and which focuses on the new Allied strategic concept. will focus. From war in ukraine,

From Defense they wanted to highlight several of the armed forces’ most relevant actions during the course, such as their intervention in the eruption of the La Palma volcano or the military deployment in Afghanistan’s evacuation last summer.

The King and Queen, accompanied by the Minister of Defence, the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlasca and the Minister of Education, Pilar Allegra, will preside over a full military parade, with extensive deployment of troops and air assets. Thus, the Ministry of Defense plans to participate in the parade 3,279 troops, 70 aircraft including airplanes and helicopters, and over 150 vehicles,

The central work by the armed forces would begin with the presentation of military honors to the king and the news to the emperor. Later, there will be a parachute jump with the Spanish flag in front of the government gallery.

Soon after, tributes would be paid to the martyrs and then the parade would begin with an aerial parade. 45 planes and 24 helicopters will participate in the parade among fighters, transport planes, training aircraft, helicopters and eagle patrolling.

As part of the Land Parade, 17 armored and mechanized vehicles and 97 vehicles and motorcycles will participate. Representatives from the Civil Guard, Army, Navy, Air Force and Civil Guard, a total of 3,279 soldiers will participate in the foot parade.

Today is the first act of the kings of an intense agenda in the days to come. This Saturday, Felipe VI made plans to fly to Paris to participate in the Champions League final in which Real Madrid and Liverpool face each other.

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