Korean Park Chan-wook weaves a romantic ‘thriller’ amid bulge and fever


‘Decision to Leave’ at Cannes Film Festival’s official segment with a proposal as subtle and risky as it is deep and liberating

Presented by Chinese actress Tang Wei, South Korean director Park Chan-wook and South Korean actor Park Hee-il
Chinese actress Tang Wei, South Korean director Park Chan-wook and South Korean actor Park Hee-il at the Cannes premiere of Decision to Leave.Sebastian NogierEFE

Melodrama and ‘Thriller‘ They rarely get along. And when they do, true to the latter’s fondness for the underworld, he tends to dress in a manner of sensuality. The increasingly cliché of the female fatale is meant to annoy the gun owner. That said, it sounds bad and in fact, they are always bad. when to douglas circo His interviewer John Holiday asked about his film practice, closest to the director’s definition of ‘Written on the air’ hey ‘Imitation of life’ He summarized it in one sentence: “I start with an impossible situation.” And for the avoidance of doubt, the master of melodrama said ‘alcestis‘, by Euripides, in which the beloved who gives the work its title, returns from the dead because of love.

‘decided to leave’, from korean Park Chan-wook, Like a miracle, like an exotic bird landed in the official section. It is a “thriller”, and it requires calculated precision to weave a delicate and perfectly logical plot. And this is melodrama, and that gives him what Cirque (and Fassbinder, and Almodvar) loved so much, which is nothing more than his ability to move to the edge of the impossible. In passionate love these things happen that spill out and have no way of recovering order or meaning. Let it be said that it is the unusual mix of the math of the plot and the literature on fire of emotion that makes this film so strange and somewhat extraordinary. Impossible but completely verifiable.

A crime story is told. Or is it suicide? A man falls from a mountain. Joe prompts the detective, played by Park Hae-il, to interrogate the victim’s wife. During the investigation, the Chinese-born latter (Tang Wei) is cold and heretic, and not a single tear comes out of her eyes. His behavior, as it happens, makes him first a suspect and then, as the story settles, guilty out of necessity. When the policeman falls in love, It would be absolutely impossible to distinguish what is the truth; what, impossible; what, impossible, and what, desirable.

Screenwriter Chung Seo-kyung creates a labyrinthine puzzle of stares, cell phone conversations, saved and lost voicemails, and memories buried in the fog of a ghost town, backed by captivating photography by Kim Ji-yong. The film navigates between the geography of the mountain, where the first part takes place, and the mist of the ocean, the setting for the entire second act. And each of those places style (of the mountains, ‘Thriller, of the sea, melodrama) as in the psychology of the characters.

‘Decision to Leave’ drops the director’s first stripped-down gesture of cinema of contemporary classics like ‘old boy‘O’Thirst, But he refuses to give up when it comes to his favorite myths. In actress Tang Wei’s determination lies the calm immortality of each of the many vampires that pass through Park Chan-wook’s filmography. and the slow, obsessive and sleep-walking gesture of the narrative keep the ways of ‘the maid,

The camera on the back of a mobile phone is as visible as the eye of a dead fish in a fish market. They’re impossible shots that alternate perfectly with the transparency of a mise-en-scene as classic, as it is always cool. And so on, from mountain clarity to “Thriller” sequences, the film stems from illusions plucked from the ocean and, in fact, from melodrama. Impossible But Totally Real, Like ‘Resurrection’alcestis‘, as Douglas Sirk told us.

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