La Ertzantza refused to investigate Senegal del Milan de Euro in December


The commissioner, who serves as a “liaison” with the employment service, limited himself to ordering workers to go to the police station and report it.

Adviser to Ertzantza Erkorka with Lehendkari Urkullu and Police Chief Buzanda in Arkaute.
Adviser to Ertzantza Erkorka with Lehendkari Urkullu and Police Chief Buzanda in open
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Ertzaintza. Commissioner of Jose Carlos Rioja Refusal to inform its own allies or the National Police about the forgery of passports last December 2021 Feather In the fraud of a total of 1,091,000 Euros of Basque Social Aid. Acts as a link between the Basque Police Command Basque Employment Service-LANBID And this police workers without knowing their own tasks. Mediation work, as Rioja assured this newspaper, involves the control of irregularities found in Basque employment offices and which disappear without any kind of detection or explanation.

Vice Presidentidoia mendia Assured last Wednesday the 8th at the Ercilla Hotel Bilbao that he was unaware of the origin of the investigation by the National Police that has made it possible to perpetuate a multimillion-dollar fraud in Basque social aid committed by a 41-year-old Senegalese citizen, a seasonal resident in Basque. vizcaya And it had 22 allies. They are all free and awaiting trial and neither the Court of Instruction nor the Prosecutor’s Office has clarified the measures put in place to prevent ON’s escape.

Mendia – a day after EL Mundo disclosed the result of the foreign brigade’s work – should have learned that the Ertzantza liaison with Lanbide had ordered Lanbide technicians to go to a police station in mid-December, with the O.N. Three false passports used were detected.

According to judicial sources, Rioja sent the response from his email address in Lanbide, despite the fact that the commissioner is not an employee of this agency dependent on the employment department. The detection of false passports became the tip of the iceberg of a larger fraud that began in 2008 and involved 62 different identities to obtain approximately 900 euros by adding Income Guaranteed Income (RGI) as a Supplemental Housing Benefit (PCV) Went. ) which is provided for sublet room.

The maximum person in charge of the commissioner of Ertzaintza was Lava Criminal Investigation Unit and the high command in the police station and LAVA Regional Headquarters, Despite his resume in direct appointment positions, the standards he set in internal communication – with the knowledge of the general director Gloria Magica– It was that the workers should sign a complaint of alleged criminal acts which was brought to their attention. Rioja assumed the status of “contact” in 2019, which was also held by the commissioner since 2014. Juan Jose Lacunza.

The existence and function of this police “contact” is unknown to most of Lanbide’s 1,000 workers. It has existed since September 2014 when an “action protocol” was established between Ertzantza and the Basque Employment Service with the aim of “reducing Ertzantza’s response time to potential criminal acts in the employment service’s offices”. Police “liaisons”, formerly Lacunza and now Rioja, relied on Ertzantza, but with an office in Lanbide’s central services. Vittoria. There is no public document that explains why Lacunza was named as a “contact” or how his successor was chosen.

Lanbide management was aware of these facts without assuming leadership in the investigation since the beginning of January 2021. It was only when the data obtained by Lanbide activists reached the National Police that their own investigation was activated. The immigration group began its operations in mid-February (Mendia said it had been 10 years) and in just one month this millionaire fraud in Basque social aid was defused with an arrest on March 21 by the National’s Immigration Brigade. The investigation police continued for several more weeks and resulted in the seizure of 23 detainees and 22 forged passports, 16 bank books in the name of false identities, 17 credit cards, nine mobile phones, an external hard drive and various documents relating to LANbids.

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