La Gomera president Casimiro Kurbello and his son condemned again for attack on karaoke exit


Casimiro Kurballo and his son Ade staged a very similar incident at the exit of a sauna in Madrid in 2011, when he was a senator.

Casimir Kurbelo
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Leader of the Gomeran Socialist Association and President of the Island Council, Casimir Kurbeloand his son Applicant He has once again been the protagonist of an incident with complaints of aggression, as in 2011, when he was a senator outside a sauna in Madrid.

This time the event, as told canary islands nowHappened this Wednesday at the exit of karaoke in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

The incident took place at 04:30 am, when the complainant, Miguel Q., which has a YouTube channel, contacted the political leader and recorded it on his mobile phone and asked him a series of questions about the alleged development of Puerto d’Adje in Tenerife and the management of the public company Gesplan.

In the pictures you can see how Miguel Q. le pied a kurbello At the end of Karaoke if you can answer three questions. At first Karabello says yes, but only one. The complainant asked him the first question and Kerbello replied “no fucking thoughts” at the same time he asked if he was recording it. Miguel Q, He continues with another question about Gesplan and the “beach bar they set up” and that is when Carbello refuses to answer, trying to cover the camera with his hand. Miguel Q. tells him to stop recording, but kurbello Starts giving with difficulty. This happens when you. see the son of kurbello, Ade CarbelloContacting the complainant, but without knowing who the person refers to the complaint.

According to Canary Islands 7, Miguel Q, Pointing to the complaint of assault filed Casimir Kurbelo already Applicant as alleged perpetrators of assault and the complainant has lost his glasses, on the suspicion that they were taken away by some people who were with kurbello,

Records the injury report”Superficial lesion in the corner of the left lip, cheekbone, neck and knees with redness and increased volume”,

According to what the complainant told Canarius Now, La Gomeras’ deputy also has a son I pulled my hair while shouting “my father, no, my father, no”While the alleged aggression began.

This is not the first time Casimir Kurbelo And her son is involved in an incident that ends with a complaint of assault. In 2011, when Carbello was a senator, he was arrested by the police in a nightlife area of ​​Madrid after being expelled from the sauna for inappropriate behavior. The father and son then went to a police station to report to the premises and there they were arrested for insulting the police and assaulting one of them.

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