La Paz Hospital is committed to saving a young woman in a coma after cosmetic surgery at a private clinic


Her partner denounces possible negligence, while the clinic where she underwent surgery ensures that all protocols were followed and that there was no infection in the operating room.

Sylvia in a recent photo provided by her family.
Sylvia in a recent photo provided by her family.

Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz Escuderoassured this Wednesday that the La Paz hospital is focused on trying to save the life of “one” woman what is admitted to coma a. inspired as a result of Intervention done in a private cosmetic surgery clinic.

is about Silvia Idalia Serrano Ramosa woman from from 34 who is in a coma La Paz ICU since last 6 May“On 29th April after submitting to a. Triple Aesthetic Surgery Operation at CEME Clinic of Madrid”, which went ahead this week according to ‘El Confidential’, which said the patient suffered “septic shock”.

s mate and condemn his family potential negligenceWhile the clinic ensures that all postoperative protocols are followed and the patient was infected with a bacterium And after his condition deteriorated, he was transferred to La Paz Hospital.

According to ruiz escudero, “The matter is being dealt with in La Paz, but at the moment we cannot provide further details. We will have to wait to see how events unfold.” “The most important thing now is to keep track of Sylvia’s life, to give her the best possible care, and from there, the Minister of Health will do what is determined at all times.” “Now our mission is to think about that,” according to the counselor, who added that “Hospital La Paz is focused on trying to improve its clinical condition”,

Silvia’s operation was performed at Madrid’s VOT Hospital, a private center that works with the CEME clinic. She underwent a breast intervention and liposuction and buttocks transfer. He was discharged from the hospital a day later, despite the fact that he was in pain and, according to his relatives, had spent a night with great discomfort. Further, the family was surprised to learn that the dropper through which they were supposed to supply drugs had clogged. Antibiotics and analgesics.

Three days after the operation, he developed fever and dizziness. they went to Hospital Po XII, the center where CEME manages post-operative emergencies. At the center he underwent a blood test which concluded there was nothing unusual. Dr. Arevalo, her surgeon, came to see her and indicated that everything “everything is normal” In the process of recovering after a major operation and asked him to eat.

Two days later he returned to the hospital PO XII’s emergency room, where he underwent a fresh analysis and an electro. At that point he found a small thrombus in the lung and Sylvia was transferred to La Paz Hospital. Sylvia’s partner, Daniele Poyato, denounced that “she went into multi-organ shock with very severe septicemia.” “She was almost dead from that day torn between life and death In ICU.” “Sylvia is currently in an induced coma since admission to La Paz. the infection is so large that it has affected vital organsskin, muscles, etc. Everything is pure and necrotic in the areas of operation,” the family details in a statement sent to the media. “Had there been an infection it might have been avoided. detected on timeThat’s why we want it to be probed to find out what really happened,” says her sister-in-law.

From the clinic they insist that despite being treated with antibiotics, the patient suffered a very aggressive infection and they do not know how she could have caught it. He says that there was no negligence in the surgery, so that “The procedure was perfect” and there was no infection in the operating room. “On behalf of CEME we follow all postoperative protocols and as soon as we become aware of the gravity of the situation, we request his transfer to La Paz Hospital, with whom we are in permanent contact.”

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