Labor advises hoteliers to pay higher wages to avoid shortage of waiters


In Spain, with 3 million unemployed, there is a shortage of workers in professions related to technology and digitization, transport, construction, agriculture… The work of yesterday justified the lack of waiters in working conditions that are not enough

Vice President and Labor Minister Yolanda D.
Yolanda Daz, Vice President and Labor Minister.Michael OssoEFE

“The solution is to pay more.” The Labor Ministry reported today that there are several explanations for the problem of employers starting job offers without finding applicants in a country with over 3 million unemployed, including: The terms they provide in terms of pay, rest or reconciliation,

This is not the first time that Labor has appealed for a wage hike as a solution to the labor shortage. Vice President in October last year yolanda diazoo I replied the same: “If some merchants in our country have difficulty finding workers, I will give them a sign: Pay them more.” Thus Daz echoed the recipe offered a few months ago Joe BidenPresident of the United States of America to Face the Great Sacrifice, Millions of Workers Abandoned at the End of the Covid Crisis

There is no great sacrifice in Spain, The Secretary of State for Labor said this. Joacun Prez RayWhich denied that in a country that ranks second in the European Union for unemployment rate, workers quit their jobs.

And yet, there are vacancies that are not filled in professions related to technology and digitization due to lack of trained personnel. But even in sectors like construction, where companies project their problem for years to come, or at 700,000 workers in agriculture and hospitality, despite paying more than the minimum inter-professional wage (SMI).

Perez Rey had called social agents to a negotiating table to diagnose the problem, but he pointed to the hotel industry – one of the most relevant sectors in terms of employment. 1.6 million employees– Despite the fact that, as per their figures, it represents only 4% of the total vacancies that remain unfilled.

The secretary said, “Some of the vacancies which are happening in specific sectors and hotel industry are related to not getting paid enough, there are no holidays, hours are getting exhausted and workers cannot reconcile their personal and work life. Huh.”

Prez Re declined to explain what areas are those that focus on a problem that, in addition to pay, extends to working conditions such as rest, shifts or reconciliation. He explained that these are the capitals and destinations which have seen a big jump in activity due to the high season and the situation is, hospitality sector still has agreements to be signed in some sectors with remuneration that is less than the minimum inter-professional salary. . “If the salary of an employee does not reach 1,000 euros and the accommodation rent does not fall below 1,400 euros, it is normal that these vacancies are not filled,” he said.

In view of this, Prez Ray urged companies to make fair payments, observe breaks and shifts, and allow family and personal life to reconcile. “When this happens, the vacancies will disappear like foam,” he assured after his first meeting with social agents.

Wage-focused labor approach promises to collide with employers’ approach CEOE and CepymeThose who believe that the problem goes much further in terms of STEM training (short for the English words for science, technology, engineering, and math) and the lack of qualified professionals in the most elementary tasks.

“In 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, 80,000 workers were missing on the farm and the unemployed, the self-employed in the cessation of activity and those in the ERTE were allowed to continue to charge with their wages in the field, but There were still vacancies,” informs the source. employer. Labor shortages have also been condemned for years by businessmen in Soria, Teruel and Cuenca, who demand that the government fulfill its commitments and legitimize contracts that allow up to 20% discounts on wage costs for workers in these sectors, Including Social Security contributions.

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