Lady Gaga in talks to be Harley Quinn in Joker 2


Gaga will play Harley Quinn, the Joker’s partner in madness in this musical sequel

Lady Gaga at an awards show in 2019.
Lady Gaga at an awards show in 2019.EM
  • cine Joker 2 movie confirmation: Joaquin Phoenix has already read the script

the study Warner Bros Conversation with actress and singer Lady Gaga to co-star with Joaquin Phoenix musical filmclown: Folie Deux’, as revealed by The Hollywood Reporter.

will play gaga Harley Quinnfriends of madness clown In this musical sequel, which, like the first film, will be directed by Todd Phillips.

After box office successclown’ (2019), with which Warner Bros grossed over a billion dollars for their worldwide screenings, dc comics franchise Wanted to give a jolt of impact and bet on this new film.

Thus, following the publication on Philips’ Instagram, the rumors that arose last week came to fruition. new movie script coverabout the possibility of including the character of Harley Quinn.

quinn First appeared in “Batman: The Animated Series” in the early 1990s and will now include clown ‘follie deux’ for adventure (“madness of two” in Spanish), which refers to a disorder in which two or more people share psychotic symptomsusually delusional.

More details about the contract he will sign are still unknown. Lady Gaga If he agrees to join the project and if he also contributes a song to it tape soundtrack,

Gaga has already worked with Philips ‘A Star Was Born’, film in which he participated as a producer and which earned him nominee al scar From best actress to singer.

At the same time, after the announcement of the release of this new film last week, it was also confirmed that Joaquin Phoenix second time performance clownthe role of the villain that allowed him to win Best Actor Award in 2020.

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