Lamarbatte, a former footballer who died after jumping off a 30-metre cliff in the Malgrates Islands


He was 31 years old and played for Vitesse, a football team from his native Netherlands.

Former footballer Mourad Lamarabette.
Former footballer Mourad Lamarabette.Courier service

morad lamabatte He had gone on holiday to Mallorca with his wife and two children. The incident has been recorded in a video which was to be posted on the news. social media,

former dutch footballer Died while trying to take a dip from a 30 meter high cliff last Thursday Malgratz Islands, The tragic accident happened in the early afternoon before the eyes of his wife and two children, who were in a boat anchored in front. cliff,

The family lives in the town of Santa Ponsam, near Magaluf. women was probably recording it on my phone to post it on social media later, when lamarabatte It crashed violently against the cliff face before falling into the water.

In the pictures you can see the man who from 31, at the top of the cliff, but he is not able to give himself the necessary impulse avoid crashing against the rock wall.

Coast Guard divers recovered the body: According to the results of the autopsy ordered by the local justice, former footballer He drowned and not from the injuries sustained after hitting the rocks.

lamarabatte He must have fallen into the semi-conscious water, which prevented him from swimming to save himself. Dutch club Lamberbatte had also weighed in on the tragic episode, offering condolences to the family in a tweet: vitse sad news has been received that morad lamabatte Sadly passed away.

He wore the club’s colors during the 2010/2011 season, when he was part of the U-23 team that won the U-23 Cup in that season.

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