Lardero relives the nightmare after six months: the Civil Guard drives a hunter of minors off the road


Wearing a cap and wearing sunglasses, this man harassed an 11-year-old girl. They ‘taken’ the parks, schools and alleys and drove in two different cars

Person arrested by Civil Guard.
Person arrested by Civil Guard.civil guard
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The echo of the great tragedy was shaken lardero And half a year ago the whole country was back in the barracks civil guard from villamediana (La Rioja) at the end of April. The parents of an 11-year-old girl have filed a complaint about her daughter being continuously harassed by a man lardero who harassed her after school, in the park and at the bus stop. Once again the stage was Lardero.

Intuitively, the heads of agents traveled past 28 October, when Francis Xavier Almeida -who has just been released from jail after spending 23 years in jail for killing a woman and abusing a minor lex, Nine year old celebrating a party from a park Halloween and allegedly strangled her in the house. Neighbors had been alerting the man to his strange behavior for weeks, who has since been in jail.

Aware of the collective panic that still persists in the municipality and the gravity of the incidents, the Civil Guard has devised a device that shows two things: the “hunter” profile of the harasser and his fixation with the girl.

operation has been supported lardero local police, The girl claimed that the 41-year-old man followed her by saying obscene words. He was wearing a mask, hood and sunglasses.

She began to protect the girl from officers in plain uniform, who became her shadow. In this way, it was possible to identify the man, authenticate the persecution and, moreover, get closer to his personality and his habits.

According to research sources, it was common for them to go out at night and get lost in the dark alleys. He used to drive with two different vehicles and on several occasions he would take his pants down. Investigators found loose condoms inside his car.

For two weeks after the equipment was in operation, the Civil Guard followed it daily. I saw how he chased the minor and also how he slowed down his car while passing through parks and schools.

It was important to gather enough evidence to arrest him and bring him before a judge with enough guarantees to get him off the road. they made it. He was arrested on 3 May and brought to justice a day later.

The magistrate has sent him to jail for harassing minors after the girl recognized him without any doubt and irrefutable evidence produced by the civil guards. A man like Almeida refused to testify at both the police and judicial headquarters.

Lardero has revived for the second time in half a year, albeit with a completely different outcome, since the agony of living with a troubled man, the same source specifies, many parents knew what was going on. .

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