Lasmes alerts the Deputy Chairman of the Commission about the difficult situation in the Supreme Court due to the blockade of the CGPJ


The President of the General Council of the Judiciary explains that the only democratic anomaly in Spain in the judicial sphere is not the renewal of its governing body.

Vera Zaurov
Vera Zaurov, during her appearance at the Congressional Justice Commission on Tuesday.EFE
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President of the Supreme Court and the General Council of the Judiciary, carlos lesmeshas received the Vice President of the European Commission and the Commissioner for Prices and Transparency at the High Court headquarters this Wednesday, Vera ZaurovWithin the framework of the round of institutional meetings held in Spain since last Monday.

During the meeting, Lesmes and Jourov addressed various issues regarding the state of justice in Spain and the status of the General Council of the Judiciary.

In this sense, the President of the CGPJ has explained to the European Commissioner that the only democratic anomaly that exists today in Spain with respect to the judiciary is precisely the non-renewal of the members of its governing body, in the elaboration of their functions. On December 4, 2018, and this is a problem caused by political forces with full parliamentary representation that have not yet reached an agreement and how this renewal can be carried out with transparency and democratic mediocrity.

Lessmes considered it urgent to complete the renewal process which he launched as chairman of the council on August 3, 2018 with sending two letters to the presidents of Congress and the Senate in which he told them about the upcoming completion of the mandate. was informed about. of CGPJ.

Similarly, the President of the Judiciary has insisted that the urgency in the renewal of the Council is also determined by the results of the entry into force of a legal reform approved by the PSOE and United We Can that prevents the creation of a governing body of judges. Discretionary appointments while on duty.

Lessons have highlighted that the rule is causing serious disturbances in the Supreme Court – which already has 14 vacancies in its magistrates – and also affects the renewal of the Constitutional Court, as the CGPJ appoints two magistrates accordingly. does not make.

The president of the TS and CGPJ has also emphasized to Jorov that, despite the presence of politicization of justice, which may result from the parliamentary system of election of council members, the judiciary is absolutely independent in Spain and that the independence of the institution is guaranteed. as against other powers of the State by which he presides, a constitutional body specially created with that mission in 1978 and which is in charge of all matters of an administrative-governmental nature and the internal governance of judicial power.

Evidence of this independence is the result of a number of judicial processes relating to political parties or state institutions that have been processed in Spain in recent years with absolute mediocrity, as well as barometric opinions that do from time to time. Metroscopic Company for the CGPJ, which shows that the vast majority of its members judicial career He feels completely free to make decisions in the exercise of his jurisdiction.

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