Laya Palau, the head of women’s basketball’s golden age, says goodbye: “I’m not retiring, this will be my life”


At 42, the Spar Girona player announced that she was hanging up her shoes. Behind them are the national team, two Euroleagues with their legendary team and twelve medals.

Palau, in his farewell to the national team
Palau bid farewell to the national team in November.Rodrigo Jimnezo
  • legend Palau said goodbye to the commander of the women’s basketball revolution: “Then everything was uncertain”

Liya Palau stop playing ,i would not retireShe is not going. She is staying. Because the legends, and he is one of the greatest, don’t get carried away, they continue by our side. pau gasolihang your shoes in a closet but maintain their appearance from day to day national basketball, And Lia will keep it in a drawer with her points and help, but with her talent and knowledge will tell to every corner of our country’s pavilions. like always.

“I don’t want to use the word retired because I’m not really retiring from basketball, My ideal with this game doesn’t end here, I stop playing, but I will continue to work in this world”, he explained at a press conference. His last club was spur fallEndpoint of list full of hits: Université de Barcelona, ​​French Borges, Ríos Casares, Polish Polkowice, USK Prague from Czech Republic, Jaco Rangers from Australia, Borges again And finally fall.

with them, seven leagues and five Spanish cups, two leagues and three cups in France, one league and one cup in Poland, Four League and two cups in the Czech Republic… And two euroleagues, The icing on the cake. One with Ros Casares and the other with Prague.

But Liya’s great team, Huh Team, Huh family, it’s done Select Espaola, There he has made history, won more, won more, won even more, and reigned even more in Europe and in the world. Palau has lived it and played it all. Absolutely everything. so that it reached 300 parties (314 in total) and received a tribute in the middle of the match against Belgium. Even his opponents bowed down to him.

Originated in 2003 and Ro . glory in

was part of lia 2003 European spark In which Spain won the bronze, repeated the metal 2005 and touched silver in 2007. For three summers the national team was already playing as a tat against the best on the continent with Palau on top. Sleeping, at any time impossible, was a matter of time. in 2009 The European bronze was re-hung and the 2010 World Cup, a work for Spanish basketball history books, but not the ceiling. Spanish basketball overcame the minor post-World Cup clash and began seven summers in which Palau did not take the stage: gold, in the end, European 2013Silver at the 2014 World Cup, Bronze at the 2015 European Championship, Silver in Rio GamesGold at the 2017 European Championship, bronze at the 2018 World Cup and eventual gold at the 2019 European Championship. Seven summers for a lifetime.

“Life has given me a tremendous career. my life in this world has been exciting, I am very much in love with the love people have given me. You have to thank life for the things that happen”, he reflected in front of the media. Olympic gold is his great legacy, an almost irreplaceable achievement, but what Palau remains is the honesty and camaraderie of two decades of talent.”This game’s been my life, it’s my life and it looks like it’ll be my life, I don’t leave the pavilion.”

“It’s going to give,” he said when he dropped the selection. and what she has given to women’s basketball is a revolution without example. 12 medals Those who are not envious of the men’s squad, are eternal after 20 years that they are the pinnacle of basketball in Spain, and are much more important than the metals: “we put ourselves on the map,

Palau ceases to play the sport that has the most licenses among women, over 120,000 (for football’s 80,000), for a league that is broadcast on television and on all platforms, in a team whose competition has 15 rivals (when it debuted, in 1997, there were 12).

On his side, his blood family: “I am very grateful to my parents, who are with me on this adventure today for another day. If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t be here. they are retiring today And they are a little sad.

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