League 1: Mbapp, in a press conference: “A year ago I wanted to leave, but now the context is different. I don’t know what will happen in three years”


The Frenchman appeared to be dismissive of Madrid for explaining the talks he has had with Al-Khelaiyi in recent weeks and his renewal with PSG.

Al-Khelai Ya Mbappo
Al-Khelaiah and Mbop in the press room.Michelle SpinglerAP
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23 May 2022. one side, Nasser Al-Khelaifiq, Other, Kian Mappo, Theme: Upgrade with French soccer player PSG, An unexpected photo from nine months ago that has stumped the board of directors santiago barnabu, The French Forward Explains His “No” real madrid While Shaikh smiled at the journalists. “Kylan aims to win and PSG gives him the best position to do so. Thank you to everyone involved in this renewal,” said Al-Khelai.

Ah, Mbop: “was a very difficult decision, I wanted to take some time to take it, I have no problem with pressure. Everyone knows that a year ago I wanted to leave, I was sure it was the best decision at the time. but Now the context is differentsports and professional words”, the footballer declared, using the “emotional” aspect to justify his decision: “I am free to make decisions. I know how important it was here in France, This is where I was born, my country, I’ve always been here, I grew up here, and leaving my country was never the best decision. has a sentimental aspect And I think my story doesn’t end here, I think there are too many stories to write”.

The French player has signed a three-year contract, as long as June 30, 2025, A brief agreement that is argued with a vague phrase: “In football you can’t look that much further (until 2025). A year ago I didn’t think I’d be here. I’ve made a decision I think The best is and I don’t see that until 2025. I’m focused on this project and I don’t know what will happen in three years, I don’t know where I will be”.

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