Legend without a plaque from Luis Suárez (and many others) at Atletico: “100 games was the fairest way, but not the fairest” | LaLiga Santander 2021

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Uruguay bid adieu to the Metropolitans against Sevilla this Sunday. At most, add 83 games, so as not to be in Walk of Legends, such as Falcao, Wav or Livinha, among others.

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Luis Suárez celebrated his one goal this season.AFP
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Last Sunday, hours before the start of the Derby, a father walked along the Paseo de las Leyendas with his son, tasting a collection of head plates edelardo rodriguez (553 matches). “Look, Dad, here it is Simeon!” The little boy announced excitedly. “And here, Joao Flix!”, he continued. “Dad, where will they keep Luis Suarez?” The answer was left up to the air, more than anything to protect the child from hot flashes.

Cause Louis will go away in memory of that eternal dart Valladolid, or that other almost equally indelible, a week earlier, against Osasuna. Or among the other 19 who crowned Atlético. This season, with very few minutes, he is the top scorer: 13 goals. But not reaching those 100 games is an essential requirement for putting up a plaque on that Paseo de las Leyendas del Metropolitano. Reach max 83.

Therefore, a good portion of Rosiblanca fans have mobilized, via social networks, to claim that recognition for the Uruguay striker. He has done so under the hashtag #UnaPlacaParaSurez. They have been asking for this for weeks. Even Chara publicly applauded the gesture.

Prior to the Metropolitan’s inauguration, the top 100 games were the formula chosen by Atlético to determine who would be part of the walk that would be included. Sime Versaljko, which turned century last Wednesday against Elche. There will be a total of 180 tenants with him. The decision was made between different areas of the club and the red and white legends. “It was the most appropriate thing”, they defend the unit, where they insist that all great footballers have their mark on the stadium. Mainly in the 1,400 square meter museum that Athlete’s Zone, “For us, all teammates are equal, no matter what one or the game they played. We understand the club and we understand the fans,” he admits to the newspaper. robert solozbaliPresident of the Association of Legends of Atlético, as a Rosiblanco with 279 games behind him.

“Because of values ​​and charisma, there are people who deserve it”

But Louis isn’t the only one who will be left on that sidewalk full of history. same happens with Radamel Falcao (91 sides), livinha (93), marcel sunday (86), wav (81), panadero dazi (88) or, among others, miguel ,Poultry Breast, san romano (70). There are some more. “We believe that the 100 game method should be changed because there are statistics that are being discarded. There are footballers who deserve it because of the values ​​and charisma. Luis, for example. Our inclusion of the club is already The situation knows the players who are missing”, he explains to the newspaper International Union of Peas del Atlético.

“When setting the standard, it is arguable that the key is 100 games. However, it should be a bit elastic for those who have been instrumental in the history of the club. Suarez was the key to winning the league and has been important off the bench, without any Considering his role as a substitute for the question. They will not have a plate for the front who have been decisive in titles like Luis or Falcao,” he adds. Julio Ruiz LlorentePresident of Pea Los 50. “It is clear who deserves it without reaching the figure and who has it without giving any sanction to the club. Although I will not remove any plaque”, he said, in reference to giving a few examples, of Hugo Sánchez or Courtois. for.

Commemoration of ‘Pechuga’ San Romani

Jose Antonio Marton Otton, ‘Peyton’Famous red and white fan and author of books in the athletic key such as ‘white or pomace‘O’Who said leave?‘, provides some clues. “There is an urgent need for a committee of experts or who assign this function to the Senate or those concerned about the history of Atlético. It is about transferring to the soil of the Metropolitano what some football players did for those 100 games. had earned on the pitch without arriving. Before insisting on the name of Miguel San Roman, he argues. “He was an absolute legend, not only because of the 11 years he spent at the club, but because of his understanding of the soul of Atlético . Until the end of his days, he continued with his red and white personality. It’s outrageous that he’s not here,” he insists. And he adds an interesting hypothesis: “Imagine someone scored the goal that gave Atlético the Champions League and wasn’t there for not reaching 100 games. It was the fairest way to reach that figure, but not the fairest,” he concluded.

And all this debate, because Luis Suarez, huge in his first season and exemplary in this second episode, where he assumed a replacement without sharpness, says goodbye this Sunday, against Sevilla, Atlético already qualified for the Champions League Having done that, couldn’t enjoy his best version from the stand of a hobby. “You’ll never reach the end of a journey if you stop throwing stones at every dog ​​that barks at you,” he once said. Winston Churchill, Uruguay has applied that famous phrase to the end of its career. For this reason, even if he doesn’t have a plaque, he will always be a legend to red and white fans.

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