Leo Rizzi: “Living in two countries is a good cure against patriotism”

leo rizzi (Ibiza, 1998) “Triumph” may have been one of the latest batch, but he decided to leave the casting after passing his many tests. just, Won on Tiktok, where he has one and a half million followersAnd this is one of the new bets of Warner Music, with a wonderful beauty, say run away Mainstream And to make the artists legendary, In September he begins his first concert.

Q: How did you get interested in music?

feedback – Thank you my sister. My parents don’t listen to music directly. But she who is 7 years older used to put me my Chemical Romance, green day And a lot of groups like this. I think his figure was instrumental in sparking that passion in me and giving me all those influences.

Q.- You were born in Ibiza and moved to Uruguay at the age of 4. You are now back and live in Valencia. How do you experience this mix of cultures?

R.- Well, although the cultures are similar, it is something that characterizes you a lot. For example, when you get there and speak, your vocabulary makes people laugh. In the end you have to go through various situations which you will not go through in your country.

Q. Do you feel that you do not belong to either of the two countries?

R.- Yes definitely. You get there and you are Spanish, but here you are not Spanish at all. In the end you question your identity because you are from two places and you do not belong to either of them. But I think it is a good cure against patriotism and nationalism. I think it also comes in handy in some cases.

Question- Why?

R.- Because you realize that you don’t need to be from a particular place to be qualified as a person.

Q.- And with respect to music, how has it marked you?

R.- Well, you draw influences from one place and another, but there’s also a lot of Spanish culture that I didn’t know about when I moved here. I’ve always loved pop and rock, groups like Coldplay or Maroon 5. I’ve also listened to rock groups from Uruguay and Argentina, and now I’m interested in electronic and experimental music. In Valencia I think there is an electronic culture that remains a bit of Ruta del Bacalao and it is very interesting.

Q.- You are in your early twenties, but you like a music that is not the most listened to music among young people.

R.- I believe we are attracted to music according to the way we are. I like sounds that comfort me, not ones that are bothering me in my ear all the time. It’s true that taste develops, but mainstream music seems too processed to me. Too much excitement.

Q- You are in third year of Fine Arts degree. Can you really apply what you learn at university to a music career like yours?

R.- Yes, it gives you a background that doesn’t limit you to the culture Mainstream Or the trend of the moment. You find many artists from the 20th century, a modern era in which molds were broken. I think approaches are taken that help you understand that art is just that, breaking with the past. It also helps you see the artistic project as something more organized, something that can be worked on. I love that the talented artist gets to be reveled.

Q. How is the revelation of a genius artist?

R.- There is a popular belief that the artist is a genius and that he is born that way. This is one of the hurdles for many artists when it comes to developing because no one creates from scratch. The person who creates the art absorbs the references and creates from there. So what they teach you in the degree is that genius-performers don’t exist, that you have to work on your offer and the only thing that will make it interesting. Plus, you know that if something doesn’t work out for you, it’s not because you’re not an artist, but because you still lack context or methodology.

Q.- There is a large community of your followers on Tiktok. In the process of creating a song, do you already have in mind how you are going to sell it on stage?

R.- It’s true that TikTok is interesting to consider, but I don’t think for the platform. First a theme comes up and then I think how can I convey that song.

Q.- How important are statistics to you?

R.- Let’s see, there’s a point where you get obsessed because you see tons of numbers and just by entering social networks they jump at you. But I think the results are always unpredictable and you can’t just look at the results to determine whether an artistic project is valid or not.

Q.- Have you ever regretted leaving OT casting?

R.- no no no. It was weird at first, but it was fine just like that.

Q. Why did you decide to leave?

R.- I went to the casting with my sister and I met a friend in line and I came over. I went through the phases and took it more seriously. But I already had an artistic project. Then there came a time when the team I was in advised me to retire. I did it a little reluctantly because you see he has a sweet tooth, but then you realize why they tell you.

Q- Your look has evolved over time, do you want to attract more attention?

R.- I think aesthetics is as important as the songs. My top is given by studying a career where everything is so artistic and in which everyone goes to class as if it were a video clip. Peas are highly produced.

Q.- How often do they compare you to Mick Jagger?

R.- Wow, a lot. In every interview.

Q- And does it bother you?

R.- No, what’s going on? I think this is a very good reference.

Q- In the end, how are you? hate,

R.- I think you need to know that you are a public figure and you act as a mirror to the people. You are like a puppet to throw what you feel. Then you have to know that it is not part of you, that it does not go with you. Something like this: I’m not the person you’re criticizing because you don’t even know me.

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