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Instead of making fun of the queen’s biceps, many people should try to know about her health.

Letizia's Brezzaco
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Years ago, I asked my admired Santiago Segurola why he was not on Twitter and with his descriptive and fine sense of humour, he replied that I would never catch him there because it is the closest thing to Twitter. A bar full of intoxicants blurs the first thing that comes to mind, A brilliance to which we should add the ‘small detail’ is that, in the network, what is drunk is not beer or gin and tonic, but the momentary craving for a moment of glory, apparently, in the form of orgasm.

In this idyllic setting for the witty guys on duty, one of the favorite diversions to be in the limelight is Pick each other up in true schoolyard bully style With serious conditions, in the network, it seems that ‘bullying’ is not in the genre and thanks to those who use the physique, especially (it must be said) to seek that minute of popularity of women For still being laughed at.

This week, the funniest mind? Networks are beating copper to see who can crack the simplest joke? Feather Muscular arms of Queen Letizia (with perfect photo included) As if at this point, it was not yet known that The work of force is not a matter of men; that women, Like men, we need to keep Sufficient muscle tone for a number of reasons that go beyond self-defense And it seems, there are still many who ignore it.

In addition, reasons such as a well-functioning musculature Our Postural Hygiene Guarantors and armor against injury, is necessary to adapt functioning of our metabolic systemThe more muscles, the more calories we burn even at rest.

But there is more. Muscle, like a queen, may be one of our best passports to enjoying physical longevity For which, those who are angry about their biceps should aspire for it. Because thanks to this, we will be able to optimize not only performing our daily tasks and improve ‘our functionality’, but at least, we’ll guarantee a protect our bones When age begins to take its toll, avoid and minimize potential fall injuries.

Because, for those making fun of Letizia’s biceps, it would be good to know that there is a thing called a ‘thing’. sarcopeniaa pathologist who specializes Loss of muscle mass, strength and function in older adults, and whose symptoms include weakness, lack of energy, balance problems, difficulty walking or standing,

By far the health reasons why funny people will be more cool monkeys… and do strength work in the gym! you are welcome!


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