Let’s talk sex with our kids: They need it more than we think

After puberty, many parents begin to wonder if they shouldn’t already have Conversations with your children. Politely, they have almost a worse time than children before addressing issues that, on the other hand, are not only insignificant, but are in the making, going to be part, forever, of the intimate lives of little ones, who have is in their homes.

one of my patients decided Ban your 12-year-old twins from using your tablet Because one Friday night I found out they were looking for pictures of women on the internet. On the same Monday he was reprimanded by his school of children because without bullets he could not fulfill his academic obligations…

porn at the age of eight

es dangerous That the age of initiation into the consumption of pornography in our country is eight years old. It is worrisome that children, at these ages, prey until they find previously-innocently stereotyped behavior models that relate sexuality to dominance, that confuse courtship with manipulation and reciprocity. Current patterns of relations, which are far from being egalitarian, tend to generalize. Dynamics of power and subordination between men (often, several men, not just one) and women.

It’s worrying, yes, but instead of being shocked, we should ask ourselves why and how children get there. We must ask ourselves why they get there without context, without filter, without prior notice, All the excitement they’re about to get for free, without anyone asking for it and without any prospect of anchoring any previous base.

whose responsibility it is

The Internet does not corrupt us, that is not true. It is not screens or the Internet that are responsible for everything that, as digital tools, are here to stay and speed up all of our daily process systems. Responsibility must be sought in yourself and in your thoughts, As immature as they are, kids of today, “because they handle phones better than us”, are so ready to use them alone. Like knowing how to ride a bicycle, it is also necessary to know the rules of road safety.

Around the age of two, children are already aware of the physical differences between them and them. Before their third birthday it is expected that they will already identify themselves as girls or boys. At just four years old, her gender identity can be reliably formed, Whereas, in the field of sexuality, a great curiosity is aroused by the effects of the genitals and their arousal, both on their own and the opposite sex.

Like the healthy development of gender identity, which runs in parallel, so does the development of sexuality. Slowly and need a supportive environment, The affection and respect that allow the child to learn, discover and mature, know her body as well as value it, and gain a sense of respect and intimacy. These are the basis of a healthy affective and sex education.

when it’s too late

if we wait 15 years To explain to them what sexuality is, how good it is for them to live it, what they shouldn’t be afraid of, how they should treat themselves and how they should treat and respect others, we’re too late. Has been.

By then most of their mental models would have been formed, their questions would have been answered, their curiosity more or less clumsily satisfied, and their concept of interacting with another would have taken time to train and settle. If we don’t support and guide you through the process The child will learn that sex is not talked about, that it is taboo, That with dad and mom you can talk about everything except that … So how could they not turn to the Internet for answers?

according to the norms of

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