Letter by letter, Feijo and Ayuso’s double challenge: Expel PSOE and neutralize Vox

  • Congress PP Madrid Feijo and Ayusso launched a joint offensive against Sánchez after a clash of styles.

Since nothing clashes, we clash in style. They will be able to seek friction, division… We are not the puzzle, we are the pieces that make up this great family of PPs. Although Isabel Díaz Ayuso used irony about his protest yesterday in a speech with Alberto Nez Feijo, the PP Congress in Madrid showed a never before shared plan gnova You Fifth note of musical scale For the entire centre-right corner, with moderation remaining for the PSOE and giving La Moncloa access to the ideological weight that opposes Vox and providing an absolute majority in Madrid – regional elections are held a year before the normal ones. It’s like a trampoline.

The distribution of roles was clear because never before have they come to lectures like this Saturday, taking turns and breaking down their projects over time. His style, different accents; Being pieces that needed to fit together, they shaped their strategies on that common pinnacle: success. The regional president gave part of his speech in the context of ETA, communism, drug dictatorships, artificial tensions between the sexes or banana republics. In short, for any cultural war because, as he said citing the anthem of those killed in the military, I don’t want to go the other way nor do I know how to live the other way.

However, none of these words centered on inflation, management, the search for a very broad and diverse PP and projecting itself as an alternative to a weak national government in the speech of the national president. Two opposing styles to pin Pedro Sanchez with moderation and the gang. Feijo feels like president and for that, Ayusso is a key factor in the equation, which is where Woakes bites so much.

from communism to weakness

The intentional clash of contexts manifests well. Now communism, which is on the rise in Madrid because of the disqualification of the PSOE, comes to tell us that drugs have a medicinal purpose; From a perceived moral superiority with abortion without reflection, they tell us that couples have freedom, that the ETA is an invention and that it’s crazy news, for Francoism; Tells us that the kidnappings and murders of the leaders of Buildau are children of the past, to be seen, Ayuso remarks before talking about math from a gender perspective, incompetent ministries, and the embarrassment or bad life of Podemos residents that They aspire to go home alone and drunk or that Minister Irene Monteiro’s greatest success is being a couple.

A few minutes ago, Feijo pointed to the left: He blames us for all the ills of our country, while accusing him of creating sterile debates and smoke screens, exactly what Ayuso is struggling with. Cut the PSOE and Vox until it’s almost fine.

against the government

The central executive is where Feijo and Ayuso concentrated as a big game. And again disagree. Sánchez directs the Spaniards of democracy to the most authoritarian and least loyal government. He does not know how to manage and is not clear what Spain is, nor is he interested. It is the executive that is colonizing our institutions through poorly prepared people, without officers, graduates or qualifications and in almost all cases with a high ideological and sectarian burden, Madrid contributed.

Less sharp, the national president focused on the fact that the current government was weak. Least prepared for democracy and I call it very worried because it does not have decision making ability. He has shown his inner weakness and will be a prisoner of the parties, he remarked before serving the sentence: they know that every day they are close to losing in Madrid and the general elections. Isabel, prepare yourself, I am ready for them to attack us every day. good sign.

What is Madrid?

It was Feijo himself who compared his model of the Highlands with the 37 degrees reached in Madrid in his speech. And the capital was one of the issues that had to be discussed by both him and Ayuso. The president warned two weeks ago that she was looking for a gangster and street PP. Yesterday he chose the tavern. Madrid is the rearguard, with the will of Spain, the government that the Spaniards lost until the PP returned to Moncloa. You will have your moment, Alberto, and you will have this team of taverns at your disposal.

For their part, the Galicians focused on the fact that Madrid is a hospitable land and, overall, the place where every Spaniard feels from Madrid to be Spanish. And he added to the exchange of praise that presided over his debate: It’s important to find a leader who resembles the land he’s going to serve. When a man or woman appears capable of interpreting and blending the land they are going to serve, the leader emerges that others follow. Isabel’s biggest success is becoming a president who looks like Madrid.


This was the first fire that Feijo had as president because of the statements of his general coordinator, they bandodo, on Spanish pluralism. But, this Saturday, the Galicians made a nod to a regionalism in their speech that they always practiced in the junta in terms of understanding between the nation-forming peoples. Among them he assured that he has to show himself united to face the difficult moment we are going through.

Conversely, focusing on the community of Madrid, Ayuso took a position stating that Madrid is universal and that we are no longer going to invent Madrid regionalism; Here we are all Madrid, because 45% of those who live here were not even born in the region. He also underlined that Madrid-Spain: Madrid is a counterweight, not a terroir for whom it does not matter what happens in other corners of the country.

two generations, one party

Feijo also clarifies who concluded the congress to the President of Madrid, that he and Ayusso are from two different generations and people of different backgrounds. Hence differences in approach despite association under the same acronym popular, We both believe that politics comes to serve and not to serve. We both believe in a policy where our only aim is to fix it. Obviously a lot of things have been said about Isabelle and me that, when we were coworkers, we are not now. When the PP goes well, there is always someone ready to destabilize, he concluded, to confirm the shared identity.

But on the other hand, Ayusso closed with a clash of genres, which when you’re a family is a clash of nothing and, above all, he sealed it: You’re going to be president, playing his best role. Will be

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