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A survey of 52,430 motorists from five countries places Asian brands as reliability champions. And by model, for hybrid cars. At opposite ends are Jaguar, Land Rover, Alfa Romeo and Tesla.

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Hybrid Lexus IS 250h is one of the models with least breakdown

Lexus, Subaru and Totota are the most trusted car brands, According to surveys conducted by OCU and other user associations in Belgium, France, Italy and Portugal, 52,430 motorists. They all indicated their car model, the damage they suffered since purchasing it, and their level of satisfaction with the vehicle.

Overall, the study gathered information from 326 models in 523 versions with different engines. To assess reliability, the study took into account both the number of failures and their severity.

Lexus repeats MS as trusted brand, as in the previous survey, followed by Subaru and Toyota. Two Koreans, Hyundai and Kia, have also been placed in the top 10 most trusted brands. Among European manufacturers, Seat, Dacia and Skoda stand out in that order. In fact, the Spanish manufacturer is the first among Europeans.

On the other hand, the results are more surprising. Tesla, a brand with high-priced cars, appears to be the least reliable, Along with other luxury car manufacturers such as Alfa Romeo or even Jaguar luxury brands.

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Meanwhile, by engine type, the category most focused on cars with excellent reliability scores is that of non-plug-in gasoline hybrids, with ten models that exceed 95 out of 100 in reliability. Although the model with the least defects in this report is Volkswagen T-Roc (2017-) with 16 liter diesel engine.

For the rest of the engines, Among gasoline, the most recommended in this sense are: Audi Q3 (2018-), Kia Rio (2017-) and Hyundai i20 (2014-2020). In non-plug-in hybrids, Lexus IS 250h (2013 onwards), and Toyota Corolla and RAV-4. If we talk about PHEV or 100% electric, then the winners were two plug-in hybrids: Kia Niro and Mitsubishi Outlander Kia

Finally, regarding the failures reported by the customers, Most commonly, with 17% of cases, they are the cause. By electrical components: batteries, fuses, light bulbs, warning lights, closures, electric windows, wiring. Next, s. have faultsbrake system (13%); electronics (8%); Shutting down engine and air conditioning/heating with power and steering systems (7% in both cases), 6% failures.

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