Lightyear director on gay kissing: ‘It’s healthy to cause a little controversy’


People responsible for ‘Lightyear’ defend gay kissing decision despite ban in fourteen countries, including China: “Disney is an inclusive company”

A still from 'Lightyear', new film
A still from ‘Lightyear’, the new Pixar film.
  • censorship Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia in banning ‘lightyear’ for gay kissing
  • war in ukraine Disney postpones the premiere of its films in Russian cinemas

light year, the new Pixar film, is different and wants to be for a number of reasons. Maybe for all of them. Not only is it the first film to hit theaters from the factory before doing so on the Disney+ platform, as the pandemic has disrupted life across the planet, and despite the title, it has little or nothing to do with it. . The general and methodically oblivious viewer would expect from a new adventure of the character toy storyAlways clumsy and always unable to match his world with the real world Buzz Lightyear. But not only that. Furthermore, it is a complete declaration of Disney’s principles, depending on Pixar, And that, compelled by its employees, it has been forced to withdraw and censor its own censorship. lesbian kiss Buzz’s boss Alisha Hawthorne and his wife were first cut between the character and then replaced in his place. The result has been censorship in 14 countries, from Saudi Arabia through Malaysia to Egypt.

According to Reuters, it does not appear that the animated film will release ChinaThe world’s largest film market. The film’s producer, Galin Sussman, has confirmed that country officials have requested cortes In the film, to which Disney declined and they are yet to receive a response on whether the film will be allowed to be shown in theatres. China has rejected other screen depictions homosexuality last.

“We make a film that reflects the world we live in. Nothing else. We haven’t added anything of our own. We show the characters as they are. It’s their truth. If there are people who have That’s a problem, so it’s healthy too.” make something Conflict, Though, honestly, I don’t think about it much,” director Angus MacLean says via Zoom and puts it calmly. A stillness close to reluctance that’s hard to understand. On her side, Sussman can’t help But agrees with him. “It is not wrong to create an argument. Humanity is very good at arguing. It will be said that this is our specialty.”

to establish itself light yearwhich premieres this Friday in Spain, plays in a reproduction of the film in which the boy toy story and it made him so obsessed with his hero that he was about to end his reign Cowboy Woody. discussion of light year This is a real character from a fantasy animated science fiction, The buzzword of the toy saga itself is a toy, a doll, in the image and likeness of the previous one. It’s a little complicated, but that’s exactly what it is. Not surprisingly, it all lives on in the new Pixar film buccal temporal Probably to end up complicating everything. If anyone was brought to life by comic actor Tim Allen in his original dubbing, the new former Captain America is played by Chris Evans.

Are you afraid that someone will feel a little betrayed? The director replies: “Not at all. They are two different movies.” “The advantage,” says the producer, “is that original horse remains intact. Continue at the same point we left you. It is action, adventure, suspense and science fiction. it’s clear. The first has been busy with Buzz for years. In addition to the film, his character has two shorts. looking for dory, The second is responsible for the creation of the masterpiece ratatouille and of toy story 4,

However, the change, although radical, goes even further. know about the new character his weakness. The motor of action is a mistake caused by his conceit and it is his responsibility not only to learn to restore hope to his team trapped on a strange planet because of him, but to learn to be another, another hero, another man. “Buzz’s lesson is to realize that the problem is his poisoning, so to speak. He has to learn that the solution cannot come only from his courage, but he also needs others. somehow disregards hor ms classic The most obvious toxic is related to masculinity. It is part of the plot of the film that the protagonist changes the way he acts. Only if he agrees to collaborate with others will he come up with the right solution”, the director explains at the time.

For both MacLaine and Sussman, it’s clear that movies influence their audiences. And that’s why they (like Buzz) don’t hesitate to accept responsibility, not only Entertainment But, hurry, to go ahead (like Buzz too). “Young people watch movies and look for role models. It’s the traditional spirit of storytelling and that’s why we humans are such ardent storytellers in our own right. It’s important to us that all kids can see themselves on the same screen and be recognized.” to feel, heard, That they know they are part of what they see and what they read. We want to be a part of them and reach out to all of them.”

-ask: for (and for) some super authority world clearly), what he says is considered preaching…

-answer From the production company: “When you go to a movie theater it doesn’t really matter which side of the political spectrum you are on. We all have a shared experience in a room together. Honestly, movie theaters are a must-have. There are only a few places left where people of completely opposite political viewpoints can share something. If then, moreover, is a topic of conversation, all the better. I think it’s wonderful”.

Looking back, the controversy, so to speak, is all around light year It has a lot to do with the so-called ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law, a Florida rule that prohibits teaching about sex and gender diversity in schools before third grade. company presidency bob chapeco It originally refused to explicitly state against it due to more than obvious consequences that would damage the most famous theme park located in the Florida city of Orlando. In the first statement he limited himself by saying that he “clearly” defended minority law,

Chapek’s statements further angered his staff who reprimanded him for stopping the Pride Parade in the park as well as various charities. Republican politician Who took the ideal forward. This caused the director of the Mouse Company to correct himself as he did. kiss scene: “This is not just about an accepted law, but a new resistance to a basic human right. They needed me as an ally in this fight for equality and I betrayed them. I’m sorry, ‘ he wrote as a correction.

“Yes, we totally agree with this decision,” McLane says, and Sussman insists, “Disney is a company that employs a lot of people in Florida. For this reason, regardless of race, gender It’s important to support all of your employees without committing, or gender.” ethnicity or sexual orientation. I mean, Disney is an inclusive company And it’s important to be there to protect your people.” Again, that’s obvious.

Of course, this time light year It’s definitely too far… infinity.

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