Ligue 1: Disappointed signing of Mbappe: blank checks from Qatar, calls from Macron and Sarkozy and KO at Bernabeu


Footballer wanted by Florentino Priez to lead Real Madrid sports project, ends renovation for PSG until 2025.

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Tremendous emotional blow for Real Madrid. The white unit’s most wanted footballer Kylian Mbapp (Paris, 1998) renewed his contract with PSG until 2025 and ruined the sports project designed by . florentino prazzo for the next decade. “I am very happy to be here in France, in Paris, in my city. I’ve always said this is my home and I want to continue doing what I’ve always loved: playing football and winning titles,” the striker said at the conclusion of the match between PSG and Metz. French league. Mbapp’s hat-trick The duel with ended 5-0.

A closed page from a soap opera that might just take its last gasp. LaLiga announced through an official statement that it would send PSG a report to UEFA, the competent bodies of the European Union and the administrative and tax authorities of France “for the renewal of Kylian Mbapp in order to protect the economic ecosystem of European football and its stability”. LaLiga pointed out that such an agreement “undermines the economic stability of European football, jeopardizing hundreds of thousands of jobs in the medium term and sporting integrity, not only for European competitions, but also of our domestic leagues.” “

A long story that began at the beginning of last season, when the player announced that he wanted to leave the Paris club. A crazy year for the French international, who has faced several extreme situations. From the moment he announced that he would be ready to leave PSG, a campaign was launched on Elsie’s behalf to convince him that he should not leave Paris out of national interest. He represents that new multi-ethnic generation from France. Politics, always in sports. Mbapp also faced a permanent offensive from Qatar, led by Nasser Al-Khelafi, so that he can stay at PSG and reach the World Cup as a member of the team that this country sponsors with millionaire cheques. A mess is complicated by Qatar’s agreeing with Real Madrid facing UEFA, the body backed by the Sheikh.

“Never Go Free”

It all started a long time ago, probably too long. It started as a kid, in a small room in a house with pictures of wall mounted Cristiano Ronaldo, and it exploded last summer, when after three seasons he asked the PSG board to move him to Madrid. That disapproval poisons the sheikhs, who constantly received ‘cess’, signing Mbop, then NeymarA MessiA RamosA donnarummaA died in… who needed it. Everyone is at his mercy until Kian says ‘no’. “I asked to leave because from the moment I decided not to renew, I wanted the club to have transfer income for a quality replacement,” Mbapp explained in October, when everything was already stuck. Was.

“If Mbappe wants to leave, he will leave, but on our terms,” ​​he warned Paris. This was followed by Al-Khelai’s “MBAP Will Go Free” and a draw for the Champions League Round of 16 pairing Real Madrid and PSG. Two circumstances that hindered a process that had been neatly planned, she turned out. It happened that Madrid eliminated PSG in that match, sarkozy You long sign on english vowel He called for the striker to be renewed, Qatar gave him and his family eternal blanc checks, French public opinion put pressure on him, and now, just a month after his contract with his city’s team expired, Mbapp has decided to stay. Decided so that everything remains the same, but with full pockets.

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