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Sometimes social networks are much more than frivolity and appearances. Tested, binomial quality employment-LinkedIn, a relationship that grows closer every day. According to the data handled by this platform, 95 people sign up for the offer every minute Work Those who publish and get six works.

The platform, with 15 million users in Spain and another three in Portugal, is today the ‘Place to Be’, the place to be when you want to have a presence in the business world and grow. carrera Because the change in the selection process has brought with it new challenges. “image and Reputacin Online matters more than ever. For this reason, building a good personal brand is essential,” says Monica Sanchez, a professor and specialist in people management. EAE Business School, Human resources professionals “rely on social networks more than ever before for recruiting and to make final decisions, including referrals from other potential recruits.” experiences network”, explains Sanchez. Therefore, anyone who aspires to be good setted up “You have to build a good personal brand.”

In these moments, in the business world, knowledge and skill beyond what was acquired Build academic, “known in English as” ‘Learning across the ages’, i.e., to sustain continuous learning for life”, explains NC Kurt, instructor of Udemy and specialist Possibility Human, which forces us to “always update ourselves”.

And that’s where LinkedIn comes in, because of its ability to offer, through profile And the experience of the professionals who build the network, information that is not taught in universities. Follow the right people “who have an opinion” Similar towhich form Opinion public, adds value, as it allows you to be armed with information useful to your professional future, your present or even your Life personal,” says Rosario Sierra, LinkedIn’s director of corporate business for Spain and Portugal. As she explains, this is the philosophy behind all the programs top voices of the network, “whose intent is to give a voice to those who write about exclusive content that they dominate to perfection on their own Experience daily and training”.

other influencers

They are authorized voices in the case of women.influential people‘ From LinkedIn. “And they are there for a reason,” says Sierra; “Their opinion is relevant and knowing it allows you to be well informed. Following them is considered a powerful tool for our improvement personal brand,

because what makes that brand better is having a good network of ContactAnd that these women in particular are part of it helps a lot,” says Rosario Sierra. “That you can get value with the content they publish and you can share that. traffic through your own profile. It helps you because it makes it easier for you to be informed and able to recycle yourself, and also because it allows you to have more are linkedGet more traffic and people visit your profile more”.

This sight is no small thing. linkedin it’s from the network today professional Which has more professionals, “830 million profiles worldwide, more than 10% of the population,” Sierra says. A figure that is 15 million in Spain. “If we take into account that the active population is about 20 million, we can get an idea of ​​how important it is to be healthy. setted up, companies are going look for you, because they know there are professionals. But you have to be there, and you have to look, so that they can find you,” Sierra says.

LinkedIn’s 10 ‘Influencers’

who are these influential peopleWho are the women we need to keep among our contacts if we want to grow both personally and professionally? ,professionals Who are the opinion leaders, who knows compromise And they generate quality content on the web”, responds Rosario Sierra.

And although not all of them are there, we’ve selected 10 essential, women of recognized reputation whose voices add value to a network that, at this time, as Sierra puts it, “an obvious stop for all professionals, According to the most trusted network for ‘Business Insider’ and one of the biggest competitors in ‘Wall Street Journal’,

Rosario Sierra confesses that she follows them all, for her Relevance, I love hearing their voices, to know what they have to say. i like to know that female genderAbove all because of the value that we can contribute through our different looks”.

  1. Anna Patricia Botton. The President of Banco Santander and also of the European Banking Federation is one of Spain’s most influential women and possibly the most powerful. With 406,666 followers, Anna Patricia Botton defines herself as a mother, a lover of nature, sports, music and reading, and makes sure she and her team work every day to turn ideas into reality .
  2. Mercedes Woolich. With 15,408 followers, Mercedes Woolich is the promoter of the women’s leadership ranking ‘The Top 100 Women Leaders’. It defines itself as a “women’s accelerator” and celebrates the achievements of women in its positions and the essential alliance between technology and the rural world.
  3. Laura Ros Verhoeven. The general manager of Volkswagen Spain, Laura Ros Verhoeven, has 12,252 followers. With more than two decades in the automotive sector, he promotes “innovation as a driver of change in the way we walk” and has been a key figure in the huge changes taking place on the road to emissions-free mobility. .
  4. Gloria Lomana. President of 50 and 50 Gender Leadership Advisory, journalist, author and communications expert and consultant specializing in equality programs and women’s leadership, Gloria Lomana has been honored with the FedPay Award, Top 100 Professional category, among other awards. He has 11,425 followers in his profile.
  5. Theresa Bust. Former Vice President of Airbus, Teresa Busto is currently the President of Antalenta, an organization dedicated to the development of talent and leadership without gender. That’s why on her LinkedIn account, which is followed by 9,491 people, she talks about leadership, role models, and women’s lack of interest in STEM careers.
  6. Marta Almani. Director of Catalonia Hotels and with over 20 years of experience in this field, Marta Alamani is an expert in people management and has been trained as a labor intermediary. In his LinkedIn account, with 8,656 followers, he talks about the importance of “hazzitud”, the responsibility of educating future leaders or the need to raise awareness of sexist attitudes.
  7. Sandra Berneda. Well-known as a Mediaset presenter, journalist Sandra Berneda is also a writer; She has been a finalist for the 2020 Planeta Awards. She defines herself as “fearless, curious, investigative, with lots of information to process and communicate”. He has 8,315 followers.
  8. Helen Smith. HP’s Managing Director for Spain and Portugal, Helena Herrero, has 8,199 followers. “I believe in the power of ideas and people, in the transformative potential of the union between technology and talent. I believe in the contribution of diverse environments and the power of innovation to reinvent and create a better world,” they say. your profile.
  9. Isabel Lozano Martinez. Isabel Lozano Martínez, founder and CEO of Trescom Communications, a company that helps companies optimize communications and marketing strategies, has 2,818 followers. I formed the agency in 2009 amid the crisis with only 8 people, and today it has offices in Madrid, Barcelona and Asturias.
  10. Manika Mart. Journalist and head of Idea at the APD (Association for the Progress of Management), Monica Marten has 1,480 followers. He affirms writing to “transmit feelings, always empathizing with those reading on the other side of the paper or screen. Trying not to look on the other side to create and build them.”

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