“Lockdown of the Committee of Experts” Controversial merger leads to chaos in Don Benito-Villanuev


Protest against Fussi at the door of Don Benito's City Hall
Protests at the door of Don Benito’s City Hall against the merger.
  • estramadura The new name of the merger of Don Benito and Villanueva: Concordia del Guadiana or Mestas del Guadiana
  • Referendum Don Benito’s very tight 66.27% in favor of Yes would end the union with Villanueva de la Serena

Those are courageous and important names we have to familiarize ourselves with, mayors wield don benito You villanueva de la serene ,badyoz) in an attempt, at this time innocent, to quell the criticism with which the two final names have been received, leading to a new name for the merger of the two cities, scheduled for 2017: Mestas or Concordia, both with surnames of Guadiana. , overcome popular disillusionment and add fuel to the struggle that has been in force since February 20 – the day of the referendum – in Don Benito, where the uncertainty and information blackout ended with a 0.27% victory, after 66% to pass Zero votes were rejected.

Since then, many unions speak of rigging. And the dispute would continue for about two months, until councilors in both cities opted – if there is no alternative – for an alternative.

Tensions multiplied on the same Tuesday night when the proposed top names were announced. aldermen, Jose Luis Quintana (Don Benito) and Miguel Angel Gallardo (Villanueva) needed the help of the police to get into the same official car when a hundred people reprimanded him as he exited the building of Don Benito’s Plenary Hall. The two options were announced by the chairman of the group of experts, Julius Carmona, University professor, and Joe Don Benito, general secretary of the PSOE and mayoral candidate, as well as the municipality’s spokesman until 2011.

Carmona explained that the names arise as a result of working hours and requests for a two-week extension to reach the largest possible consensus. As EL Mundo learned, there was a disparity of norms and some members, alleging problems with the schedule, barely attended these meetings.

According to both city councils, which chose their members, said group represented different age groups and different institutions, both regional and national, and belonged to different fields related to teaching, philology, history or research. The said Commission had received clear that the names should be identified with the historical, cultural and place-name values ​​of the geographic area of ​​effect of the new municipal term and that they be distinct and distinct from the existing denominations. However, in the opinion of Julien Mora, UEX’s professor of spatial planning, and who is in favor of the merger, assures that the original denomination (Don Benito-Villanueva) should have been respected or, if a new name was needed, to protect the identity of the two cities. Choose Option. As for Las Vegas, the most popular of the past elections: Honestly, neither the mayor nor the society of Don Benito and Villanueva deserve this imprisonment without the rigorous argument of the Committee of Experts.

For Carmona, the two names were approved by most members, but EL Mundo learned that there were internal discrepancies. In the document which he gave to the mayors, he assures that the two toponyms present a similar morphological structure and points to the fact that both are noun phrases formed from a nucleus—the nouns concordia and mestas—and the same adjoint. A-del Guadiana- which specifies the geographical context, historical, socioeconomic and cultural of its nucleus. and they say that estramadura It is in 45% of the names of local entities (referring to Guadiana), attest to its roots.

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