London reiterates its intention to Biden to “amend” Irish protocol


The head of the Foreign Office warned that it would not allow the current situation to “drag over time” if the EU did not put on the table a “proper solution” to the friction.

United Kingdom
British Prime Minister Borsi Johnson.AP

the government of boris johnson resisted the pressure of the President Joe Biden has reiterated its intention to avoid confrontation with the EU and to unilaterally “amend” Ireland ProtocolThe most controversial point of the agreement BrexitIf talks with Brussels do not bear fruit.
A delegation of US Senators and Congressmen, led by Richard Neillclose associates of Bidenheld a meeting on Saturday at the official residence of Chevening with foreign secretary liz trussWhich clearly stood firm in the face of Washington’s insistence.

truss argued that his government’s decision to eliminate barriers to trade amid threats to act at its own risk Great Britain I Northern IrelandGives a precise response aimed at “protecting the Good Friday peace agreement”, and does not jeopardize it.
The head of the Foreign Office has warned that if the EU does not allow the current situation to “drag with time”, it does not have a “proper solution” to the frictions caused by the “proper resolution”. Etiquette And it has created social and political tension: from the Belfast riots a year ago to the current blockade Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) to form a “power-sharing” government with sinn finWinner in the last election.
The Biden administration has clearly expressed its concern about the potential trade war With the European Union due to protocol tensions, which at the same time could jeopardize the unity of the allies in a war against Putin. Ukraine,
Congress President, Nancy PelosicThe U.S., for its part, has warned that even unilateral action by the United Kingdom with the European Union could jeopardize future free trade agreement talks between London and Washington.
Joe BidenOf Irish descent, Ulster has a personal commitment to the cause and has doubled down on US involvement efforts as guarantors. peace agreement Sealed in 1998
The issue of protocol threatens to interfere even between “special relations”. Biden You johnsonreinforced during Ukrainian War In close cooperation with the intelligence services and defense departments of both countries.

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