Long lines and tons of selfies at the “last” McDonald’s in Russia


The first “Russian McDonald’s” is expected to open its doors on June 12, coinciding with Russia Day, a national holiday in the country.

A McDonald’s store in Moscow.Kirill KudryavtsevAFP
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“It took more than half an hour to wait, but it was worth it,” he told Efe. Alina I igor After leaving one of the few establishments of McDonald’s who still works in the Russian capital and who will be blind from one day to the next due to western sanctions for military operations against this country Ukraine,

queue to buy “Last McDonald’s”As it has been baptized by a group of youths waiting their turn, there are dozens.

Most of the people gathered near a popular place located on the territory of a railway station in the capital are teenagers or parents with children, but there are also adult couples.

Tatiana You Proverb they are about fifty years old and they admit that McDonald’s It is one of his favorite places.

“We haven’t come much recently, not like 20-30 years ago, when we were kids, but now that they’re closer we have to say goodbye,” says Tatiana.

souvenir photo

many lovers of McDonald’s They want to immortalize what could be their last journey for a local of the famous series.

Thus, many youngsters who walk away from boxes with a soft drink and a hamburger, immediately take out their mobiles to pose with the newly acquired food in a selfie.

Others ask their friends to take a picture of them dipping their teeth into the water big Mac, One asks the boy, “Make me another, make me another,” while his friends do not laugh and suggest the hero of the photo to make different faces.

Slate and new account

Despite the incomplete farewell McDonald’sMany citizens will prepare to welcome their mysterious Russian substitute.

And it’s that 850 of the chain’s restaurants were bought by a Russian businessman this May alexander govorowho have already operated 25 establishments McDonald’s In Siberia,

The new owner plans to keep the old menu. At least that’s what Moscow-based establishments will do, the capital’s mayor promised this week, Sergei Sobyanin.

it is expected that The first “Russian McDonald’s” It next opens its doors on 12 June, coinciding with Russia Day, a national holiday in this country.

Of course, until now the name of the new fast food business, which will not be able to reproduce the mythical letter M in its advertising image, is not known.

“Goodbye, old friend”

McDonald’s opened my first restaurant in Russia in 1990, shortly before the fall of the Soviet UnionWhich made it a precursor to the fall of the “Iron Curtain”.

Appeared in the first restaurant of the American chain Pushkinkaya Squarethe heart of me MoscowAnd there were crowds of Soviet citizens at the time, eager to try the famous hamburger they had heard a lot about.

in the following three decades. the restaurant McDonald’s They accompanied the Russians during all internal and external turmoil and came to gain a good reputation among families consisting of children, motorists, office workers and many other categories of workers, who went about their daily chores in a mass frenzy. Was looking for a little break from cities.

But in the spring of 2022 the series announced its definite departure from the country due to the Russian military operation Ukraine,

In McDonald’s Russia He explained to Efe that the sale of the business meant to protect the jobs of the chain’s thousands of employees. Russia,

A spokesman for the group said McDonald’s Russian has approximately 60,000 employees, including those who work in its franchisees, and all of them will have full freedom to continue their employment relationship with the new brand.

“Goodbye, old friend. The world isn’t the same anymore, no matter how hard it may be for us to assimilate, but having a regular hamburger in your hand helps maintain that short-lived sense of stability,” says a forum wrote a Muscovite, whose members took part in the election of new names to substitute for McDonald’s,

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