Long queues, bottles and veins at the Galapagar gas station, which accidentally sold diesel for one euro


Fuel price was reduced for only 70 minutes in the early hours of Thursday morning

One of the suppliers with discounted price.
One of the suppliers with discounted price.@SocialDrive_es

On Thursday morning, a Repsol gas station in Galapagar (Madrid) accidentally poured a liter of diesel into one euro. Drivers roaming the area bargain on social networks and Long queues at the service station for quick refueling Located on El Escorial Road, very close to La Santina restaurant and Veracruz School.

very low fuel cost This was due to a computer glitch and only lasted about 70 minutes According to company sources, first thing in the morning.

However, dozens of drivers came to the service station, some of whom were carrying huge pitchers. While trying to fill the containers, many people spilled petrol on the ground, causing Moments of tension and nerves between users And the only employee at the service station.

In a video published by social drive twitter account, You can see how dozens of drivers have taken advantage of the mistake of this gas station to fill the tanks and drums of their vehicles.

The presence of the local police was necessary as the traffic jam reached the M-505 highway and caused traffic complications in the area, despite the fact that it was at 01:30.

record price

The average price of gasoline in Spain rose in a new week of increases, its seventh, and climbed to a new historical maximum, already above the 2 euro per liter level for the first time, and commandos And for the full subsidy of 20 cents per liter that came into force last April. SpecificThe average price of a liter of petrol this week was EUR 2,048, After registering a 4% increase from seven days earlier, according to data from the European Union Oil Bulletin collected by Europa Press.

That average amount includes taxes, but doesn’t reflect the discount of at least 20 cents a liter from last April 1, as there are higher exemptions depending on the oil company. with that grant Thus the price of a liter of petrol will be more expensive than in the last week of March (1,818 Euros), Before the exemption came into force, so that the increase in prices recorded for this fuel has already absorbed all the support.

In the case of diesel, the average price per litre, after three weeks of decline, has gone up again with an increase of 3.45% from seven days ago. 1,916 euros.

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