López Obrador threatened that he would not attend the US summit if the US did not invite Maduro, Ortega and Diaz-Canel.


Mexican president insists three regimes affiliated with Vladimir Putin are present at diplomatic meeting

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The President of Mexico, Anders Manuel López Obrador, at a news conference on May 10.EFE
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Mexican President, Anders Manuel Lepez Obrador, plays a strong role on the strategic board of the region. After traveling to Cuba and embracing Presidents Miguel Diaz-Canel and Raul Castro, he has questioned his participation in the America IX summit, which will be held in Los Angeles next month. from Claims of presence of Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cubahas come to align directly with the Three Reigns.

“We are not going to define our position yet, but yes, we are persuading that we should all unite. Everyone has been invited to the last summit, it does not need to be apart now. On the contrary,” the Mexican president specified on his return from the island of the Caribbean.

The US government last week confirmed what the region’s various chancellors had already suspected: Three allies of Vladimir Putin are not welcome in Latin America in Los Angeles. A confirmation came hours after López Obrador himself insisted on the presence of the three countries.

“We are proposing that no one is excluded, we all want the unity of America. We think there should be no confrontation, that there should be dialogue and brotherhood for all Americans, regardless of differences. We take this matter to heart. are about to resolve, we’ve had a very good relationship with President Biden’s government and We want everyone to be invited. This is the position of MexicoLepez Obrador said in his usual appearance to the media this Tuesday.

“I didn’t expect López Obrador to attach this much importance to his relationship with Havana, but he is acting that way, even when his government knows it could further complicate relations between Mexico and the United States. The President and his government are aware that adopting this position has the support of many countries in the region who think so but in some cases they do not, especially taking into account the precedents”. Mariano de Alba, senior researcher at International Crisis Group, explains for EL Mundo.

Since López Obrador pioneered this initiative, Puebla Group has received support, made up of leftists and populists, in which former Spanish President José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero participates. indirectly Argentina, whose president, Alberto Fernández, believes Chavismo has advanced in electoral and human rights matters, Argentine presidents preside over the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), created by Hugo Chávez and Lula da Silva, from where they also fight to overthrow the dictatorship.

The last summit held in Lima in April 2018 was attended by the three now sentenced countries. That time, Nicolas Maduro He had not yet declared himself president after election fraud in May of that year. in Nicaragua Sandinista was about to launch a popular uprising against the caudillo, which is already throwing More than 350 murders, more than 180 political prisoners and the escape of 200,000 Nicaraguans Running away from the brutal repression of the state apparatus.

Cuba Its general position of impunity has been complicated by repression after another popular 11-J uprising last year. More than a thousand political prisoners are still in their jails,

“Biden is trying to show leadership, global and regional, especially given the intrinsic weakening of the idea of ​​democracy. By isolating anti-democratic regimes, he is not only isolating them, but those is giving warnings to those who are following in its footsteps,” he said. This newspaper was revealed by political scientist Mara Puerta Rira, professor of US government in Florida.

If Mexico ultimately decides not to participate, “it will not only damage relations with an important trading partner, but will further tarnish his image as a political leader. I don’t know if this will make the axis happy.” to do or not. was not invited, but we are in a time where Economic isolation too high threatens uneasy political allies“, Dorr has sentenced.

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