Lorena Martínez, the only (and youngest) president of a hunting association in Spain: “We don’t know how to sell hunting properties”

At 33, this 32-year-old senior forestry engineer (Anguera, Valencia) is the first woman in history to hold the position of president of a hunting association in Spain and Europe, in this case Valencian Community.

Lorena Martinez has had a stellar career, as she had her first contact with the organization in 2015, but as an apprentice. youth result a complete cyclone And she became deeply involved (frequent trips with visits to cities, headquarters, contacts with managers, hunters and, in general, with the world of hunting), so they did not let her go. First he went to the technical cabinet, then he was a member of the Women and Hunting Commission; Later, the director of the School of Hunting and Nature, and finally, the maximum regional officer.

his debut in hunting

So all his work experience has been focused on this field, which he fell in love with following in the footsteps of her father, hunter In his small hometown, Anguera, with only less than 5,000 inhabitants, but one of the largest forested areas in the region, with more than 28,000 hectares.

There her father hunted and she followed in his footsteps. So Lorena began breaking clichés from an early age to break the glass ceiling in a field dominated by men, at least in terms of number of licenses. (“9 out of 10, at least”, specifies), which does not mean, in his opinion, far from it, that manhood is: “I have not lived and I have never known anyone within the victim”, he affirms.

And from personal experience he tells: “The ones who have helped me are men.” With about 1% female licensees, he insists that “It may be the most manly game, But they have always tried to integrate me and I never felt that they hindered my way or machinism, neither in the Sangha nor while practicing hunting”.

Of course, he emphasizes that hunting “is a difficult sport, in the mountains, guns are heavy …, but it is very beautiful because it combines sporting activity with nature”. So one of their challenges in their new phase is Increase in the number of women in the region And to do that, he explains, apply new models, “because never before has this federation had a person who can implement the most technical part and who helps with professional criteria to make the best decisions.” do,” he says.

Experience in Guatemala

As soon as he completed his studies at the Polytechnic University of Valencia (June 2016), he accepted a scholarship to travel to Guatemala. a United Nations project Which included a six-month period to improve the living conditions of the indigenous community, focused on building nurseries and forest resources, and where women already in the area were the first to assume management responsibilities in said jobs. The opportunity was given.

Back in Spain, he opened the door to the hunting association of the Valencian community, from where he would help change the image of this world: “We are second only to football in terms of the number of licenses in the field. With 40,000, above basketball, for example, which has less than 10,000; And in each city there is a hunting club. This is for a reason, it is not a coincidence. He therefore denies that the practice is in decline: “The notion, that we suffer in spite of attacks, is not real but quite the opposite”.

Lorena, who in turn has become the youngest president of a sporting federation in Spain, also points out that in the Valencian community it has moved to the rest of the following national territory: the hunting activity with the most licenses in Spain. second (337,326), behind only football (907,223), in addition to spending 5,470 million euros, 6,475 million generate GDP, represent 0.3% of the national total and retain 187,000 jobs.

law against

And within those attacks, for example, are those she herself received on her social network as soon as it was revealed that she had been elected president: “What a pity that being so young you like to kill innocent creatures”, It can be read in one of the softest ones you’ve received, or this: “I hope they do to you what you do to animals and tell you that karma exists, the killer, and your time.” Will come.”

She doesn’t pay much attention to these nuances, but she does fight legislative changes that the government has approved or is in the process of approval, such as wolf hunting or animal welfare laws, that go directly against hunting activity. “We don’t understand why we are criminalized in all hours. We protect and care for the environment and we do not wish any harm to the animals, on the contrary, we dedicate ourselves to the work of management and conservation to maintain the species properly.”

For this reason, hunters “are not reluctant to reduce the number of catches when they act to conserve a species,” he explains. Spain has about 32,000 hunting reserves and even 87% of the area is hunting, Where owners and managers invest more than €285 million in protection and management functions in addition to generating sector 614 million in tax returns.

“One of my goals is to change that false image of the hunter, as a fat and old man, when we here are young, bachelor, doctor, farmer…”. Thus, they explain that everyone thinks of a hunter-type image as someone between 50 and 60 years old and there are almost no studies, “but nowadays There are many educated and young people who are breaking that image.” Explain Along these lines, she emphasizes that both her union’s vice president and general secretary are forestry engineers like her.

your reasoning

In any case, they also have time for self-criticism: “We don’t know how to sell hunting properties, a field that’s highly regulated with all kinds of rules, and a lot to balance. necessary. A great tourist and economic attraction in those underdeveloped areas.

Married and childless (“at the moment,” she says), Lorena “gives her mandate in the spirit of giving everything when it comes to children, surely this can be made compatible, just as men do, right?” , she wonders while also taking out her hook against ecologists: “At first I don’t know how they’re called animals, because The ones who really protect the countryside, nature and animals are us, the hunters, But the lack of knowledge among these people is tremendous, and they speak only out of imposition and hate and lies, so we are not going to waste a second explaining to them, but society in general does”.

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