Lorenzo’s wife finds out her aunt has had a stroke: “It’s bad for me, I have to do housework with the baby”


The doctor asked Arancha to call an ambulance, but she left the medical center and left the old woman with the caregiver and the doctor.

Lorenzo's wife, knowing that his t
  • planning Arancha, actor Luis Lorenzo’s companion in the Dungeon: “If I had known this, I would have cremated my aunt”
  • planning Luis Lorenzo’s wife insists that “he has not touched the inheritance” nor has he used money from his deceased aunt.

three weeks before the death of isabelle suarezhis niece archa palomino took him to a private medical center in Rivas-Vekiamadrid-a city where he and the actor luis lorenzo The residents apparently suffered a stroke.

The 85-year-old woman arrived at counseling in a wheelchair with a crooked mouth and a stutter, unable to speak well. As stated in the summary of the case, the doctor who treated him, JFC said this.

The doctor told the civil guard that Arancha told that Isabel was fine in the past but since that afternoon, especially at 4:00 pm, she had been in that state. JFC told the niece that the old lady might be having a stroke and directed her to call the hospital for an ambulance. According to JFC’s statement, Arancha’s reaction literally meant “it was too bad for her to do what she had to do. homework with baby,

“The accuser found it very strange, the fact of informing him that the woman may be a victim. the strokes And that the niece attaches more importance to the housework with her son,” the summary reads. According to the doctor’s account, Arancha left the health center and it was she and the caregiver who stayed with Isabel until her death. At 9:00 am, the ambulance arrived and he was taken to the hospital. southeast hospital,

The doctor came to know the next day that he had been diagnosed with a urine infection in the hospital and a few weeks later the news of his death also reached him. he parted with her 1 June 2021 And Isabel died on the 28th of the same month. According to the post-mortem, he was suffering from poison.

At 12:21 pm that day, Luis Lorenzo called 112 to report his death. “Hello, good morning. Look, this was to inform you that now a person has died at home,” says the actor. After collecting information about your address, at 112 they ask: “Did you expect this to happen?” “Yes.”

The call is then forwarded to the Madrid Community Medical Emergency Service.

“Are you in palliative care?” asks the operator Luis Lorenzo.


Was the patient in palliative care? nerd?

– No, she was not, she had a caring lady who looked after her 24 hours a day at home.

– Okay, but they weren’t seeing palliative doctors, was that to be expected as a terminal patient?

-Yes, yes, the prognosis was very poor, she had Lewy body dementia, which was already in its final stages.

Actor Luis Lorenzo with his partner Arancha Palomino.
Actor Luis Lorenzo with his partner Arancha Palomino.Europa Press

The operator then transfers the call to a doctor summa, “Let’s see, Isabel has passed away, I’ll do it for a while. She already had a fairly reserved diagnosis, she had old dementia due to Lewy bodies and it was already very advanced, already was very advanced. So it was, well [ha] In a lot of evaluations of the condition, neurology and by others, and at the last consultation they told us it was too little time now”, explains Luis Lorenzo to Summa.

The Civil Guard’s report stated that “through all the medical reports compiled and analysed, there is no evidence that Maria Isabel was in a late stage and was about to die in a short period of time.”

Despite a diagnosis of dementia, Isabel’s relatives and friends said that, before leaving asturiasIn March 2021, she was deaf and had high blood pressure, but had no mental problems and was able to live alone.

Among those who testified before the Civil Guard, there is also the Social Security neurologist, who already determines Isabel in Madrid. reminil A drug for the treatment of Alzheimer’s- soon after he reached the capital on March 30, 2021.

The specialist said that he did not remember the patient, but as he mentioned in his report, he came to his office after personal discretion He must have been diagnosed with probable Alzheimer’s disease, as the drug he was given was not subsidized and was quite expensive.

The Civil Guard, the summary reads, is asked by the private hospital in question, a list of medical appointments with Isabel and which specialists joined her “to locate the health worker who originally made Maria’s clinical decisions.” Isabel’s mental illness, and this research team is currently managing the information received”.

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