Luca Dies: “When I was 18 I found myself without any ideology, I didn’t know what I was thinking, I knew nothing”


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Actress Luca Days (Madrid, 1996).Juanzo MolinaExample

Madrid, 1996. After appearing in series such as ‘The Velvet Collection’, ‘The Cathedral of the Sea’ and ‘El Cid’, luke ten He has just finished the series “The Longest Night”, which premiered on Netflix in July, and is finishing the theatrical production “Die Erbe” (“The Invisible Inheritance”), which will be presented at the Axelmite Room in October. his laboratory.

What Is ‘The Longest Night’ About?
This is an attack on a psychiatric prison. One day a criminal comes, a serial killer and suddenly some outlaws appear who ask to be released and hand them over or else there will be war. One of the conspiracies is how the other prisoners live. My character is a sociopath and there are dangerous levels within the prisoners, so I’m in the green module. They are sociopaths who have committed blood crimes but do not reach the level of psychopaths.
Can I heal my sociopath or am I doomed?
In the end, you may or may not develop a more sociopathic character, because of circumstances, patterns, things that happen to you, because you are not born as a sociopath, but because of everything around you. Has happened.
What have you discovered about yourself while researching this character? Do you have some sociopath?
I seem very friendly, very ‘Palante’ but I am more into myself than I feel. In fact I am more within myself than mass.
And what has he discovered after the pandemic?
For me, the pandemic meant staying home, staying home and doing everything I didn’t have time to do till now. I’ve been up to speed for a few years as I try to reconcile work with the university and I’m pretty quick in everything. I feel lucky, all these years I’ve had a great time, it’s been great and I’ve learned a lot. But just before the time of the pandemic there was a part of me that needed to rest. I also have this personality that I like to go out, play sports, travel, be fast if the street doors are open. You can’t even imagine what I did that I didn’t take a nap.
Miss that slow motion?
I’m a little restless ass, I love to hunt and there is a part of me that feels guilty if I’m not doing anything at home. But on the other hand, I guess I’ll have to be a little more friends with it and be able to allow myself not to always be ranked high. Technology is going super fast. And me too. I’ve been carrying that guilt for a long time.
What will be the cost to surrender before the theatre?
I thank my teacher Christina Rota for everything. It’s been the best and it’s given me all the base and all the artistic tools that I have, but it’s true that I’m a very sensitive person, I’m super emotional and since I’m smaller than the world of theater, psychoanalysis and all that Was. Have empowered me that you do shit. I’m lying to you if I tell you I’m going home immaculate, because there are times when it’s hard for me to leave the character at work.
And what did you achieve?
You grow, you live and people around you grow, taking some path of thought, ideology or whatever it is. And theater has convinced me that everyone chooses their own way of looking at life. He taught me and I thank him very much.
How do you connect with the popularity of your Lourditas-like characters in The Velvet Collection?
I’m excited that people get a character that they want more and they have fun. It makes me laugh. But neither have I experienced what could have happened to the series that turned out to be a phenomenon and you practically can’t go down the road.
Why does the generation gap seem more pronounced today?
Lately, I wonder a lot what is happening, why has there been so much change from my generation to my parents’ generation, lifestyle, work, emotional… in my parents’ generation I see That they dealt with the problems faced by each. In the other plan ‘t pa’lante’. And I find great joy in questioning myself, in asking myself who I am, how I want to live my life, the things that sometimes don’t make us the decision you’re forward. ‘ Used to do. I guess you didn’t allow yourself to stop and think about what is happening to you and what could happen to you.
I was referring to work now. What would you change about this aspect?
It is necessary to introduce man, because it seems that we live only for more success, to be someone. Why do we live to work and why don’t we work to live? Sometimes I wonder why it’s so important and why we talk so much about being the best you can be and that you have to be the best at what you do. And if I don’t want to?
How do you get along with social networks?
They have their good sides, things that come up that otherwise we would never have discovered, as is the case with some claims. But there’s also the other part: where is the limit? To what extent can your exposure to social networks be harmful? And then everything around the static, which I think can be very dangerous. Now everyone knows. And all that noise makes me question what is success and what is fame.
The youth are also chosen for their perceived political indifference. What do you think about this allegation?
So I studied law and politics, because when I was 18 I saw myself in any way, without any kind of ideology. I didn’t know what I was thinking, I knew nothing. And I caught the speech that politics is useless. But then I said: Wait, we are social animals by nature, we have to live in society, politics is necessary. So I went to study it.
And how about the result? Have I got grace?
What happens is that power corrupts. That’s why it’s hard to learn to see the bright side of politics. Because it is not just politics, there are thousands of things around it, there are thousands of national and international organizations… it is very complex. But hey, I’ve wasted five years, now I’m at the guru… and I’m still not clear on anything.
What do you think of those who do not doubt?
I change my opinion every week, I love that life changes me as I go through it. It would be a pain if I was always clear to myself about what I think and what I am.

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