Luca Rivera: “I have realized that I am my own worst enemy”

people don’t realize toxic Who’s not talking about something and not normalizing it.” says the model luca riveraDaughter of Blanca Romero and Cayetano Rivera, who knows it well because she has spent years fighting depressionThe monster that has followed her since she was just a child.

Now he’s starting to come out of it, partly because he’s decided to tell and tear down the idealized image that usually brings to fame. “I am going medical Once a week, I read a lot of books psychologist And I try to make it as visible on the network as possible”, he explains. That’s why he’s also been a meeting hero. mental health Created in Maybelline New York’s ‘Brave Together’ initiative, which was launched to create awareness and educate the youngest youth about diseases like anxiety or depression. stressWhich currently affects 10% of people under 30 in the world according to the World Health Organization (WHO) data.

As if it were group therapy and accompanied singer Luca Rivera to talk about mental health from her own experience. Raiden You Ricky Merino, impress her Rosario Matveev and author Valeria Vegas. Luca says, “We all understand each other a little bit, because everyone’s gone through the same thing that she’s gone through. so they were honest to the psychologist Brabara TovarExperts of concern and also present in the meeting.

“I grew up in a family that always faced problems depression”, assures Luca, “it affects more people than it seems. someone has anxiety Now, in a world manic In this way, in which we are active throughout the day, with cell phones and constant stimuli … everything happens too fast and the anxiety increases.”

and much more, because it is the one disorder that has exploded the most Youth, However, only 20% of those who suffer from it give it a name and treat it. “80% of boys who show anxiety Don’t go to a professional, they just drag the problem down as much as they can. It generates adult conflicts that have not been resolved and it conditions them. You have to take care of it in time to come out with a favorable solution. but without a emotional learningIt’s not possible”, explains Brabra Tovar.

that’s serious Mistake Which conditions us from school. “When we’re young we’re not told it exists, it’s all very veto. We don’t give it ourselves ease Because it’s not something we’ve been taught. and that we Margie, I have suffered from anxiety since childhood, and to this day I do not know what it is to live without it. anxiety”, assured Luca Rivera.

normalize depression

“When I was little I was a Marginalized, probably a rare one, for the life of me in general. and because i had anxiety, I used to cry in class, I used to fall asleep… We are marginalized because we were never taught how to deal with someone who has this problem. And we have to learn to do it, it’s very difficult to normalize the situation if they don’t give us some clue. The question is knowing how to treat and cure”, Luca says.

And how is this done? “It is very important that they let us be To be embroiled in a blow or accidentWe must stop chasing perfection, which is completely imperfect, and understand that joy and pleasure exist in life. Failure, pleasure and pain. And stop labeling situations as good or bad, because they depend on how we face them. We have to become a more compassionate society and sympathyso that those who suffer from depression feel less judged and in a safer environment”, responds psychologist Brabra Tovar.

Luca confesses that she is still learning to be self kind with myself. “when I started medical I felt like I had a wonderful relationship with myself, that I loved myself so much… now I’m realizing I’m at my worst. enemy, Every time I do something that I should be doing, I blame myself, and focus on things that don’t make sense. I think it’s a mix of anxiety, Pramad and demand”. Questions such as why did I eat a croquette yesterday if I have a casting today? or why did I go to a party last night? This ensures that they have made a ball of no importance whatsoever.

This is one of the fundamental problems of anxietyPsychologists tell. “When the enemy is outside, you can stop it and get away, but when he lives in you, he accompanies you twenty four hoursAnd besides, you don’t question him, because you have no idea what harm he does to you and you get used to spending life with him.”

Model Luc


break the wall of invisibility

Now Luca is in favor of breaking down the wall behind which mental health problems hide. But it was not always so; there was a time when he disappeared from social network, and would also prefer to disappear from the media. “To me they mean a brutal genocide, they have talked about my life, they have lied… and it hurts me so much.” And although the network has sometimes generated “too many” frustracin“, they have helped her too. She had a hard time deciding to tell her problem, because she thought it would sink in even more – “when someone is at home and can’t even get up, as I was anything it has an effect“, he confesses—but happened to the contrary to his surprise, he received “a lot of encouragement. Taking that step allowed him.”humanizationAnd then it becomes easy for things to go downhill,” he explains.

Another question arises at this point: ‘Digital Sanitation’ and need to be disconnected. “When I need it, I go to Asturias with me family, Many people are surprised that I don’t have famous friends, influencers, singers… but if I did, at what point could I run away from my professional life? I want a more normal life so something rubs off on me… I’m living with my small group friend Always”. They are, as they say, “five of her”. the untouchables“, his eldest resilience And the one he has always wanted close to, so much so that one of them lives in the same building.

it has another exhaust valve Weeping, “I have a hard time crying, but I’d love to do it more; there are times when I want Mourning And I can’t, but I think it’s something we should do General, That ‘don’t cry’ thing men have always been told so they don’t express their feelings is nothing more toxic masculinity,

And let’s also generalize that “women can be too” average class If we feel so”, says lawyer and communicator INS Hernand, Responsible for conducting the meeting, because self demand In some industries—’like the principles of beauty’, Luca explains—it takes its toll, “and you don’t have to be afraid to grow old or fail one day”.

In this sense, as an important tool to take care of our emotional health, psychology Brabara Tovar Emphasizes how important it is to “know” watch over youknow who you are and know Celebrate“. Learning more For accepting The things we like least about ourselves are “the ones that are less sweet, but that’s me too.”

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