Luis Lorenzo’s lawyer points to possible contamination of his partner’s aunt due to her consumption of fish with mercury


Lawyer Francisco Prez led the joint defense of the two defendants.

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  • madrid Woman’s family allegedly poisoned by her niece and actor Luis Lorenzo: “Isabelle was afraid of them”

lawyer of luis lorenzoOn his provisional release on charges of poisoning his partner’s aunt, questions the evidence that convicts the actor and says he could have existed a past contamination of the deceased due to habitual consumption of fish along with mercury.

The popular actor and his accomplice were arrested by the civil guard last week Complaint by brother of alleged victim, 85 years old, and brought to court. After appearing before the judge, he was released with the obligation to surrender his passport and produced each week in the court nearest to his home.


lawyer francisco prazzo The two lead the joint defense of the defendants, who would be surprised by the result of the second autopsy which was performed in the presence of the deceased. high levels of heavy metals,

In Telecinco’s announcement, the lawyer has defended that his client they have nothing to hideRai has highlighted that he believes himself to be innocent, without giving an explanation for the presence of those metals in the corpse of the actor’s political aunt.

“We do not know what the levels of these metals are, if this is the ultimate cause of death and whether these metals are conducive to habitual consumption. Could there be past contamination?, We have to question things and whether the chain of custody was carried out in accordance with the law,” he insisted.

This Sunday, the lawyer specified in another intervention at Telecinco that the contamination may be behind Habitual consumption of fish with high doses of mercury,

as far as possible cheap mobile In the alleged murder, it has been clarified this morning that there is a will from May 2021 in which Direct relatives of the actor’s partner are excluded And he made it to this universal heir.

According to the statement of the accused, the aunt Arancha P. She wanted to come to live in Madrid and settle with her partner in Rivas, as they were in charge of taking her to specialists after she was diagnosed with dementia. In fact, recognize the visit to various medical centers.

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