Luis Lorenzo’s wife asked for poverty subsidies and social electricity bonuses with 127,025 euros hidden in the canap


Actor Luis Lorenzo and his wife are accused of poisoning their aunt to perpetuate their legacy

The police records of Luis Lorenzo and Arancha Palomino were collected in a summary.
The police records of Luis Lorenzo and Arancha Palomino were collected in a summary.EM
  • planning Lorenzo’s wife finds out her aunt has had a stroke: “It’s bad for me, I have to do housework with the baby”
  • planning Arancha, actor Luis Lorenzo’s companion in the Dungeon: “If I had known this, I would have cremated my aunt”

Arancha Palomino, along with her partner, actor Luis Lorenzo, pleaded guilty to killing their 86-year-old Aunt Isabel with poison to perpetuate her legacy Social bonus for minimum significant income and electricity Due to lack of income despite having all the money hidden in his house. Civil Guard agents who entered and searched the couple’s house on May 25 A total of 127,025 euros in hidden bills in the sofa bed in the main bedroom and in the bathroom, This is stated in the summary, which includes a record of admission and registration in the house located on Luis Garca Berlanga de Rivas Street, a diligence requested by order of the court.

According to the Civil Guard investigation, 46-year-old Arancha had not worked since 2015. Process social assistance provided by the community of Madrid With the aim of preventing the risk of poverty and the social exclusion of people living alone or integrated into a cohabitation unit and lacking basic economic resources to meet their basic needs.

Judge Elena Sanz Colado, head of Arganda del Rey’s Court of First Instance and Instruction No. 9, is investigating the actor and his wife for the alleged murder of an old woman who allegedly poisoned him with cadmium and manganese. Luis Lorenzo took advantage of his right not to testify, while Arancha Palomino denied the allegations the Civil Guard had made about him. Both were acquitted on the charge of murder.

Aunt of Arancha Palomino, lawyer for the family of the deceased elderly woman Mara Isabel, Has appealed for the provisional release of the couple Noting that the judge adopted this decision in a “court hearing” in which he was not summoned, despite having exercised private prosecution.

According to what the autopsy reveals, Isabel may have died of “poison diluted by heavy metals.” The amount of cadmium present in oil paint-, 200 times the normal limit, Whereas the concentration of manganese present in batteries and batteries- is twenty times higher than normal in the body.

Records of entry and registration, hand-written and included in the summary, detail that 116,300 euros were located in 50-euro bills; 2,340 in a 20-euro bill; 7,800 in 100 bills; 400 in 200 bills; 170 in 10 bills; and 15 euros.

Effects that have been interfered with by agents have included effects such as medical documents and batteries of the deceased, cans of paint, bottles of unlabeled medicine, and bottles containing transparent liquids.

The summary details the banking activities of the account of an 85 year old woman in favor of her relative. The transfers took place between March 30 and June 29, 2021. On the day of his death, June 28, 2021 and the next day, there are separate transfers amounting to 11,700 euros.

It is 21st May 2021, when Arantxa obtained a power of attorney to be able to access the accounts. On a previous occasion, she went to a notary, but the woman’s poor condition forced her to be hospitalized the same day, an incident recounted by her caregiver and whose testimony is collected by proceedings.

The woman’s relatives and friends testified in their testimonials that before moving to Madrid she did not suffer from any mental illness and was in good physical and psychological health apart from suffering from deafness and cataracts.

Testimony of Caregivers: “I Didn’t Get Help”

The case includes testimony from the director of the company that provided caregivers to the couple as a result of a diagnosis of dementia and indicates that the old woman will survive, according to the summary, An “abandoned” situation.

In summary is a transcript of an audio from a caregiver dated June 6, 2021 in which she complains about the negligence of the niece when the woman has lice, indicating that she has been admitted after going to a notary , where Arantxa is denied power transfer papers due to their poor condition.

At another point, the testimony of another caretaker who remarked thatThe woman did not have the elements to clean herself, neither the diaper nor the sponge so that she could be washed. Another episode covered in synopsis is that on one occasion the wedding would have left the woman in a VIP for hours to go to an amusement park.

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