Lula da Silva starts presidential race in Brazil


Former president promises to “rebuild Brazil” in full return of Jair Bolsonaro in elections

Lula da Silva announced her candidacy in So today
Lula da Silva announced her candidacy in So Paulo today.AP
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Former President Luiz Insio Lula da Silva was today greeted with the slogans “Brazil urgently, Lula President” as he presented his candidacy for the presidential election in So Paulo. There are five months left to vote, but Brazil is already in a campaign environment.

In his speech, Lula called for the unity of all democracies to defeat authoritarianism, and he exemplified this with an alliance with Geraldo Alcamin, a longtime rival, who would be his candidate for vice president of government. Alkamin was for years the main face of the liberal right in Brazil, and the two went head-to-head in the 2006 elections, but now the former governor of So Paulo. Decided to join Lula to face the urgency of defeating Bolsonaro,

“We want a broad movement. That is the meaning of our union. Not only for victory, but Brazil’s ReconstructionThat this election will be more difficult than winning,” said Lula. The old adversary’s signature is a key sign of rapprochement with the centre-right, and in addition to a guide to undecided voters, it also serves to placate the Workers’ Party. Possible fears of financial markets before PT’s return to power.” The next election will be a big test for democracy, Without Lula, there would be no alternative to power in the country.”, warned Alkamin before the possibility that Bolsonaro would repeat his mandate.

Lula neither made big promises nor carried forward his election program. He liked to recall the legacy of his years in government, especially the fight against poverty or investment in education, saying that with the current government all those achievements were being “destroyed” and the situation was bleak.

,people are going into debt to eat, Brazil is returning to a dark past that it had overcome,” he lamented. He recalled that during his years in government (2003–2011) Brazil became the sixth world economy, that he had “with powers such as Spoke of, and promised a return to, putting the country on the map, working for a new world governance, strengthening multilateral organizations and national sovereignty. “Brazil is huge for that tragic role of Pariah in the world”Critics.

Lula refrained from citing Bolsonaro by name, and asked his supporters not to succumb to provocations during the campaign: “The country needs peace and quiet to function and overcome the current difficulties. Never again dared to challenge democracy and revert to fascism. History’s trash can from where it should never have come,” he declared.

Despite the extreme tone, Lula has had some tough months to continue aligning with other parties and prevent Bolsonaro from moving forward. A few months ago, Lula’s lead over Bolsonaro in the polls was so widespread that there was speculation that he might win in the first round. Now the gap is narrowing, although the Left leader still has a comfortable majority: 54% of votes against 34% for BolsonaroAccording to the latest survey, released this week by Ipespe. Remaining candidates fail to appear as an alternative with less than 10% support. Everything points to a tight Lula-Bolsonaro duel that promises to strain the country in the months ahead.

Brazil’s hardline right-wing leader has long been questioning the current voting system and warning against accepting eventual defeat in elections. This week he proposed that the armed forces conduct a parallel recounting of votes.

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