Macron appointed a disabled minister to take charge of the sector


The new head of the Ministry of Solidarity Damien Abad suffers from arthrogryposis, a rare disease that hardens his joints.

Damien Abad, the new French Solidarity Minister.
Damien Abad, the new French Solidarity Minister.Stephen de SakutinAFP
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re-elected President of France, Emmanuel Macronhas appointed a disabled person, Damien AbadoTo take over the charge of the Ministry of Solidarity, Autonomy and Disability.

According to Franck Seurat, a French journalist specializing in disability social policy, a bad42, who was appointed to the post this Friday, is suffering from a rare disease that strengthens your joints (arthrogryposis).

Department led by Abad, who comes from the centre-right party RepublicanNot limited to disability, but includes solidarity and autonomy.

From the beginning of his career, a bad He has been careful not to get caught up in disability politics or social issues. nor in European ParliamentWhere he was elected in 2009, neither to the Rhne-Alpes regional council nor to the Ain departmental council, which he chaired from 2015 to 2017.

pick one deputy In 2012 and again in 2017, under the colors of the UMP and then the Republicans, it achieved real national relevance in the Assembly. France, In late 2019, he became the chairman of the main opposition party, the Los Republicanos Group.

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