Macron proposes “European political community” for countries like Ukraine


French leader proposes a new body that would temporarily accommodate the Europeanist aspirations of Ukraine, Moldova or Georgia

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French President Emmanuel Macron during the closing ceremony of the Conference on the Future of Europe.AP
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French President Emmanuel Macron has proposed this Monday Form a “European Political Community” which may include countries such as Ukraine And that they share EU values, but that they cannot wait for rapid accession which would also hinder integration.

“The European Union, taking into account its level of integration, cannot be the only way to structure the European continent in the short term,” Macron insisted in a speech before the European Parliament during an act that called for the work of the European Union. marked the end. Federation. conference for the future of europe Which he started a year ago on his own initiative.

He explained that Ukraine “is already a member of our Europe, our family at heart because of its struggle and courage”, but that we must be realistic and “we all know that the accession process (to the EU) will take many years.” , and, indeed several decades. In his opinion, the “legitimate aspiration” of war and Ukraine to join the European Union, but also moldaviafrom Georgia or of balkan pass Those candidates, “force us to rethink our geography and the organization of our continent.”

This means, according to Macron, that we should consider how to guarantee European “unity” and “stability”, without the “weak” integration that has been achieved within the EU and the way forward. without stopping plans. For this reason, the French president’s response is a “new European organization” that seeks “democratic European nations to find a new space for political and security cooperation, linked to the basis of our values”, but also in areas such as transport, Energy or movement of people.

He specified that the device is parallel to the European Union. “Will be open to those who have left” in a direct allusion to the United Kingdom., The ultimate goal would be to “preserve the unity of our continent” without jeopardizing the “strength and ambition” of the Federation.

EU Reform

Macron, who has said he will consult with other governments to outline his initiatives in the coming weeks and months, also Has been “friendly” to reforming EU treaties And he has said he wants the issue to be discussed at the twenty-seven summit in June.

That reform, as it progressed, should, among other things, be worked out, so that many Decisions that now require the consensus of member states can be taken by qualified majoritybut also to establish greater solidarity and “clarify the objectives of our institutions”.

Specifically, it would be that goals such as development, full employment, social justice, or action against climate change “should be at the center of the objectives” of European institutions. The French president, who delivered his first European speech since his inauguration on Saturday with his speech in Strasbourg, has reiterated his support for “Ukraine and the Ukrainian people” with humanitarian aid as well as military aid.

He explained that the aim was to “stop this war as soon as possible”, to keep the peace and to “avoid any escalation”. He insisted that “We are not at war with Russia”But even in this Europeans defend the territorial integrity of Ukraine, which alone is responsible for defining the “terms of negotiation” with Moscow.

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