Macronistas and Melanchonistas play their last game before Sunday’s Legislative Assembly


The campaign ends today. Emmanuel Macron’s absolute majority of the coalition in the assembly is in danger, while his rival Jean-Luc Mélenchon is confident of victory for the leftist coalition led by him.

Emmanuel Macron with the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, last Thursday
Emmanuel Macron with the President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, last Thursdaynatacha pisarenkoAP

Emmanuel Macron and Jean-Luc Mélenchon, rivals in Sunday’s legislative elections in France, As soon as he finished the campaign, he started it: appealing to everyone to vote in their own way, As antithetical to his approach to the country: an arrogant president; The other is on the road and on the microphone, promising that he is as close to the road as his opponent is. One of the international tour talking about Europe, In another neighborhood, talking about the neighborhood,

long sign on english vowel, centrist and pro-European, has handled all election appointments this spring in the same way. without much involvement at first, as if he believed he had conquered everything, and then Appear again three days before going to the election with effect, He has tiptoed through these legislative elections until his visit to Kyiv on Thursday. A trip that has been criticized by his rivals for having done so to win votes. It has also been made ugly by Jordan Bardella, president of the National Regroupment, the party of Mélanchon and Marine Le Pen, who believes that “Macron is taking on the presidency again. The timing is questionable.”

melanchonAnti-system and Eurosceptic, has been faithful to an opposite strategy That has worked for him so far: nothing is lost and everything is to be gained. He wants to sell himself as someone close who cares about the problems of the French. Unlike a Macron who is accused of being cocky. This has served him well, as he leads a left-wing coalition, tied in the first round of legislative elections with the Nupps, Macronist, Ensemble.

Nups leader Jean-Luc Melenchon
Nups leader Jean-Luc MelenchonChristoph ArchambaultAFP

Today is the closing day of the campaign, The French were more concerned about a heat wave coming over the weekend than the vote on Sunday, which already gives an idea of ​​how little enthusiasm is generated in the appointment, in which the country is actually at stake, because if Macron loses an absolute majority, he will not be able to implement his program as he wishes. will be able to, they will have to agree, seek allies, give. Something you are not used to.

siege against extreme authority

70% of the French do not want them to have it, which means there is a percentage of those who voted for them in the presidential election (58% supported them) who prefer that they do not have infinite mobility. Mélénchon is confident that the Nupés coalition can achieve an absolute majority in the assembly, something that has not been considered in elections. This would force Macron to choose a prime minister from the winning coalition. « On Monday, when I am at home, I will wait for Macron’s call to ask me to form the government», Mélenchon said in an interview this Friday.

Macronista have representatives in 417 constituencies and Melanchonista in 406. These days the focus is on the debate yes vote vote In constituencies where the rival deputy is facing Marine Le Pen’s party. This does not suit Macron, as he risks losing that majority Which slips through the fingers and complicates his governance, but it also cannot incite the vote to the extreme right.

The famous French cordon sanitaire to curb the extreme right has been blurred in these legislative ones, because Melanchonista and Macronista have both been vague about it., The prime minister, Elizabeth Bourne, said it was not necessary to “vote a single vote for the extreme right” in areas where an extreme right-wing deputy and the Knupps faced each other. Shortly after, he clarified that it would be necessary to look “case by case”.

Today he accuses Mélénchon of being vague in this regard, having not slammed in areas where Le Pen’s deputy president faces another from a majority.

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