Macron’s Coalition Activates ‘Anti-Mlenchon Shield’ to Save Mandate

There is one thing Emmanuel Macron has made a mistake with in his planning for this French election spring. His most important opponent was Marine Le Pen, but the most dangerous was Jean-Luc Mlenchon., He was already on the verge of dismantling the far-right and moving into a second round of presidential elections and now he has managed to shake up these legislative elections, elections that are monotonous and almost uninteresting, but which are important. Because they are the ones who give margin to the President to rule.

In the first round of Sunday’s legislative elections, the tie between Emmanuel Macron, centrist and Europeanist, and the coalition of NUPs, a leftist led by Eurosceptic Mélancheon, surprised and warning to macros which focused on building a front against the extreme right and underestimated the threat posed by the leader of the French Insumissa.

The election hangover wreaks havoc on him this Monday Controversy over counting of votes, France is a country where one thinks that safety equipment is going to work for the Champions League final, and where one does not think for a moment that there may be doubts of the tongue.

The Mlenchon camp believes so and accused the Interior Ministry, Grarld Darmanin, (the same one who had to explain the chaotic equipment in the Champions League final two weeks earlier) of manipulating the figures to benefit the Coalition. Macros. According to the official results, The presidential coalition had 25.75% support, compared to 25.66% for the NUPS. The one on the left claims 26.1% support against the ensemble’s 25.8%. Some 300,000 votes are in limbo between the figures of one and the other.


Francia Insumissa has condemned Dishonest practices of the interior. The ministry’s results do not count for noops votes for candidates who supported or defended Mlenchon’s party, in a statement.

Prime Minister Lisabeth Bourne called Mlenchon a liar in a meeting with presidential candidates. Some media, such as Le Monde or AFP Agency, gave little advantage to Nupps. The French newspaper alleges that there are candidates who are not part of the internal left-wing coalition.

Each side knows what’s at stake and that’s why it’s already started this second fiery grave between two laps. Macron runs the risk of being able to govern more easily if he gets an absolute majority next Sunday, or, conversely, to deal with an unfavorable parliament to implement his reforms. Some of them, like pensions for example, will be strongly opposed.


You need 289 seats. At present, it does not have it, as it is estimated to have between 270 and 310 seats for next Sunday. The other two scenarios are that it has a relative majority, which would force it to form a coalition (with the Republican Party, for example, which came fourth with 13% of the vote) or that it is a left-wing coalition that would have obtained a majority. Is. ,

This option is the most unlikely, but for macros it will be a nightmareBecause his entire program will get stuck and he will also have to choose a prime minister from that parliamentary majority. Mlenchon believes there are possibilities and has asked those who did not vote on Sunday to vote with record abstinence in one day.

in the macro area shake the vote of fear By ensuring to the extreme that any scenario other than a parliamentary majority in the presidential favor would create instability in France. They appeal for a siege, this time not to stop the extreme right, as it was in April, but the radical left.

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Representatives of the presidential coalition will face leftist candidates in 271 constituencies and Le Pen’s party in 107. Debate centered on whether to vote Before next Sunday in places where the two extremes face each other: one candidate from Mlenchon and the other from Le Pen’s party. The duel will take place in more than fifty constituencies.

The presidential coalition is not interested in seeing Mlenchon’s coalition move forward, as it is the one that threatens to snatch away the majority, but it may not even slog a vote for Le Pen’s ranks. There are other ministers who believe that it is necessary to see case by case.Given that there are leftists candidates who are more radical than extremists and others who are not.

The prime minister, Lisabeth Born, on Monday asked Le Pen’s candidates not to vote for deputy in the 58 constituencies where she faces Knupps. If there’s a candidate in the NUPS who doesn’t respect Republican values, who insults our police officers or who wants to leave Europe, we ask that you don’t vote for him, specifics.

Although he continues to start with a profit, Emmanuel Macron left weak in the first round, This is the first time that a newly elected president has not taken advantage of the momentum of presidential elections to win a majority in the first round of legislative elections. After bringing together the candidates who passed the screening, Bourne said, we still have a week to get a strong and clear majority.

Two details to note: Far-right Ric Zemour was eliminated on Sunday and all 12 constituencies in the Seine Saint-Denis, on the outskirts of Paris, were won by Noupes candidates.

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