Madness at the opening of the first Sheen pop-up in Madrid: police deployment, complaint forms and outrage


Queues, chaos and even police interference from 10 a.m. on the first day of the Chinese brand’s inauguration

queue to enter the shop
Queue to enter Sheen’s pop-up store.cylinder picornel
  • plane It’s the Sheen Pop-Up, the Brand That Makes Zara Shake

Dozens of people have gathered at Calle Sandoval at number three since 10 am. sheen, new pop up Chinese brand. At 7 p.m., confusion turns to resentment: “It can’t happen, I’ve been waiting here all day,” says Maria, at the door, waiting for her claim form as she enters by 12 noon. was in the queue for Morning

As does the rest of Maria. Many people stationed to the left of this establishment think it is a joke of bad taste. “It doesn’t make sense, it never happened to me, it looks like a hidden camera”Meanwhile, on the other side of the door, dozens of others were waiting with a piece of paper in hand.

“It’s a page torn from a notebook with a badly placed stamp that was given to go inside this morning,” says Elena, who also says “it sucks.” It’s your case. Elena went to the queue at 10 in the morning, they distributed “tickets with tickets”, and at 14 she went to eat. When he returned, the ticket didn’t work: “They told me it didn’t matter anymore, because I was gone.”

that’s why request claim letterto which all consumers are entitled. In his case, the reason is “the chaos, the wait, that he didn’t foresee this disaster,” he says. asian firm Less cost He is a giant in the network, but in reality “it’s a chaos”, it is heard when they talk to each other.

Meanwhile, one of the employees explains to the group that wants to join the line that they will no longer be able to enter until tomorrow at 10 a.m.

The footprint Sheen left on Sandoval Street has legal consequences. At the entrance where the intervention of the city police was required, it was heard that The brand is due to receive three complaints: for the amount of music, for disobeying the police and because the establishment does not have a license. For its part, Sheen’s communications staff express that “you may not make statements of any kind to the media”.

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