Madrid advises schools to keep current textbooks for the next course


This is linked to the “late entry into force” of government curricula as the content is changed every four years.

Madrid President Isabel De
Madrid President Isabel Daz Ayuso.Juanjo MartiniEFE

The Community of Madrid persists in its crusade against the Sela Law and its curriculum, which it regards as an “ideological charge” that later materializes in textbooks. That is why it has recommended to educational centers that for the next course starting in September, they should keep the current school manual. In a circular sent to educational centers this Tuesday, Pedro Sánchez’s “late acceptance and admission of royal decrees of the government” is held.

In fact, schools are not required to replace textbooks as there is no law that requires the use of these materials in schools. Each teacher may or may not use them depending on their interest. What is questionable, with the Old Testament, the contents of Lomlo (ecofeminism, democratic memory, the ethics of care…) will be taught correctly.

Madrid argues that many educational centers have contacted the Ministry of Education because they had doubts about the changes. And that is why he considered it “appropriate” that the books have not been changed “because they are not yet complete, because they do not include the definite contribution of the Government of Madrid”; i.e. 40% of its curriculum portion.

“Due to the late entry into force of the government’s royal decrees, the decrees of the Community of Madrid have not yet been approved by the established deadline, despite their immediate processing. The Ministry of Education is warning from September 2021 further delays on several occasions and the consequences that could be,” he justifies.

follow the path you took marcia, which also urges not to replace a large portion of the books, appeals to the fact that its free program establishes that the manual must be at least four years old. The Madrid program also says the same. “There will be an additional expense due to replacing them with updated material in the coming months,” defended Madrid. Castilla y León and Galicia are also setting up specialties so that the state does not have to strictly follow the order of the curriculum.

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