Madrid assembly rejects Ms Madrid’s proposal to legalize marijuana


Only United We Can support the rejected measure with votes against PP, PSOE and Woakes.

Mnica Garca, Miss Madrid’s spokesperson.EFE
  • Policy Marijuana enters Madrid assembly: Ms. Madrid defends its legalization and Ayuso attacks her

The word joint is the most repeated by representatives of the Madrid Assembly during the plenary session this Thursday. Its unexpected prominence in your women’s vocabulary is due to the proposal that Ms. Madrid take to the parliament of Valaques to legalize the sale of marijuana—despite the fact that the regional government does not have the power to do so—and It has only received the support of United We Can.

PP and Vox have both voted against it because, unlike the Manica Garca group, they believe that regularization Won’t reduce your consumption, PSOE has outlined its disapproval of the measure, but in its case the nonsense of proposing an initiative for Isabel Diaz Ayuso’s executive to demand an extension of a legal framework from La Moncloa, which was presented in Congress last October. had already been rejected. ,

Ms. Madrid It argues that legalization of marijuana in all its aspects, not just therapeutic, would serve to better protect minors, guarantee public health and the freedoms of adults, and reduce the black market. also that it is an opportunity to create jobs and increase public income, which is supported by a study by the Autonomous University of Barcelona which indicates that 100,000 jobs Generate more tax revenue throughout Spain 3,312 million euros per year, to which the savings in police and judicial costs must be added.

What you repeat so much that no one needs to tell people what to do and what to consume are the people who are in favor of fined people for carrying cannabis with them and breaking into someone’s home. Huh. Citizens argued for keeping a sapling on their roof. George Moruno With reference to Ayush Govt. Routine is ordering a reality: It’s neither prohibited nor encouraged when we talk about bolera. When we talk about cannabis, be a little consistent, he said.

by the rank of PPMember of parliament Eduardo Raboso, who is also a doctor by profession, has responded that marijuana is a highly toxic and addictive drug with serious consequences for the nervous system: in Spain, the consumption of tobacco and alcohol by minors is prohibited. Do we believe that minors in this country do not drink tobacco or alcohol? At the time when cannabis was legalized on our streets and only accessible to adults, access to this drug by minors would clearly be very convenient.

Vocal He criticized that, according to his interpretation of the More Madrid proposal, young people tend to smoke more joints because that way we can raise more money to invest in public health and mental health. Returning to the star word of the season, Deputy Gdor Joya He has said that the abundance of smoking joints is going to be a remedy for the economic crisis as García’s group argues that it will serve to create jobs, increase public income, build university degrees and even export in the future. .

Finally, jacinto moranofrom United we canhas urged his friend Alberto Garzón to rule on the matter: getting to know you [en alusin al PP]When he talks about stopping the consumption of red meat, which is not banning it, or reducing the consumption of alcohol, I am sure the Ministry of Consumption has something to say about this and all of you. Let’s do a campaign on Twitter. smoking a joint

I’m not going to tell the youth to smoke two couples, that someone is going to give them a pay and a pass, because of that sadness I refuse to live in the community of Madrid, I assured earlier ayuso Criticizing the passing of the social and educational policy of the central government during one of his interventions. All drugs are an attack on health. And give that fight where needed, rematch.

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