Madrid continues to lead in infections with 12,894 positives, double as of Tuesday


The community doubles its data, compared to the previous report’s 6,997. It is followed by Catalonia with 9,310 and Andalusia with 3,926 positive.

Streets of Madrid a year ago
Streets of Madrid a year agoAngel Navarrete
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Spain has opened its third summer with Covid and the number of infections remains significant. The Ministry of Health has notified this Friday with the data provided by the autonomous communities, 48,272 new cases of coronavirus, of which 23,495 have occurred in people over the age of 60. Which brings the total number of infections in Spain to 12,563,399 since the start of the pandemic. This latest report accumulates Most infections in June This Friday’s figure has increased to 12,139 positives reported in comparison to last week. The incident has escalated once again 612.39 Positive Cases per 100,000 residents according to the indicators of risk assessment established by health.

community of madrid Autonomy remains with the highest number of infections this Friday. Says goodbye to field week 12,894, double that of Tuesday (6,997). This mark places it above the rest of the autonomy with a level of positivity, followed by 9,310. Catalonia with new infections (last Friday 5,708), 3,926. Andalusia with this Friday, 3,828. Galicia with And this 3,488. Valencian community with Positive. The rest of the regions have no more than 3,000 infections, with Melilla (75), Ceuta (86), La Rioja (415) and Navarra (202) having the fewest positivity communities.

There has just been a new surge in the number of patients admitted for coronavirus in our country. a year ago, on these dates and with With the vaccination campaign at full capacity, the total number of people hospitalized did not reach 3,300. Now, it is 6,788, which is more than double. Statistics show that there are 340 in the ICU. Hospital conditions per 100,000 residents continue to decline compared to those reported at the beginning of the month. madrid is in the lead 22,60 Persons admitted per 100,000 residents, thereafter 20.29 . Catalonia withCastilla La Mancha reached 18.93 and Castilla y León which reached 18.46.

bed occupancy rate continues 5,51%, a figure that remains at 3.82% in five and ICU since the start of the month. The risk assessment indicators set up by the Ministry show that 13.13. The country’s hospital status is “low risk” with New admissions per 100,000 residents in the past 7 days, when the health department determines that the risk is less than 5, is controlled.

related to dead by covid-19has been notified 193 There is one person less in this latest report than a week ago. This raised the global death toll from the coronavirus in Spain to 107,482.

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