Madrid court acquits former Vox deputy accused of sexually assaulting 23-year-old girl

  • Courts They investigate former Vox deputy Carlos Fernandez-Roca for alleged sex offense

Madrid’s provincial court has acquitted former Vox deputy Carlos Hugo Fernandez-Roca, 39, of sexually assaulting a 23-year-old music teacher, for which the prosecutor’s office requested five years in prison for him. The court considers that, given the contradictions between the two versions, they are unable to choose between one and the other.Room stresses that the existence of doubts about the victim’s testimony does not mean that he believes it to be untrue, but that he “doubts sufficiently significant to not be a sufficient conviction to give more veracity to a version.” ” has made.

Carlos Hugo, a professional military man, met MV, a music teacher through some friends, on October 4, 2020. They stayed for several days until the day of the events of November 7, 2020. After the young woman has vermouth with a friend, the deputy is called in until Carlos agrees to meet her at a bar, where he shows a charming and fierce attitude verified. One of the local waitresses, which also caught his attention. Carlos canceled dinner with a friend, with whom MV himself spoke on the phone and told him that “Carlos is mine tonight”, leaving the bar and going to buy food in a nearby skillet and home of the defendant. went where they were having a conversation vaginal penetration with full intercourse.

Four days later, the teacher condemned the deputy for sexually assaulting a national police officer. Fernández-Roca left his post in Congress, where he served as Vox’s spokesman at the National Security Commission and deputy on the Foreign and European Union Commissions, and Thus, he lost his legal status to be judged by the Supreme Court., “I will defend myself in the ordinary courts,” he then pointed to, insisting on his innocence. He also condemned the woman and the police officer for perjury.

In the oral hearing, Fernández-Roca argued that the young teacher Condemned her for rape while seeking “professional income” to enter the party led by Santiago Abascal, stating that the sex was “consensual” and that it was interrupted when he told her it was her “fertile day”. As he explained, the girl had “a brutal obsession with vox and politics.” “It wasn’t normal. She wanted to go into politics. She asked me. She had a determination,” he insisted.

For her part, the victim explained that she met Carlos through people who were her friends and indicated that He was interested because he was an older man and could talk to her about more “supernatural” things Like pears or politics. “I found it interesting to meet you,” he said, admitting that he liked the “gentleman.”

The girl argued in the court that She was drunk and let the politician kiss her but didn’t let her in Vaginally, as he did in spite of her resistance and despite the fact that he knew she was a virgin and wanted to marry that way. That penetration bleed him for three days.

The Section 15 decision of the provincial hearing argues that it may be that the complainant’s testimony is true, but “it may also be the result of voluntary act due to a situation arising between the two, not realizing how far it went.” contrary to their beliefs.” “Very religious.

In this sense, he recalls that facts must be proved in sex crimes, with “maximum difficulty” when only the victim’s testimony is available in this sense, and stresses that “innocence The notion cannot be broken.” , without further ado, from the word of the accuser”.

The signing magistrates emphasize that the criminal procedure system “forces us to follow a path that provides the protection that no innocent person will be convicted, even if it is for very serious violations.” be at the cost of assuming the risk of penalties.” With regard to the sequence of events, consider the sentence that there is no doubt that the two met at her request, and had full sexual relations, but There is doubt as to whether or not these were agreed upon.

Analyzing the testimony and trial evidence, it is revealed that the young woman was not greatly affected by the consumption of alcohol, that she lost her virginity in that act, but that she It is not shown that she shed much blood, as she claims, And it has not been proven that he suffered post-traumatic stress. It also adds to the ruling that the victim sent messages to two friends in the hours following the alleged sexual assault, which she was not concerned with and that in fact in one conversation she called Carlos “in a casual tone.”

The deputy was defended by criminal lawyer Juan Gonzalo Ospina from Ospina Abogados, who On the basis of his defense on the 16 contradictions made by the complainant, Supported by the statements and reports of witnesses, but in which the complainant’s passion stands in declaring that she was a virgin so long as, and that this was her first sexual relationship, an act interrogated by three witnesses who declared that M.V. In a spiritual two months before the events, she remarks that she was abused and raped as a child.

But undoubtedly the key to the process, according to Ospina, was based on careful interrogation by the defense, where the complainant asked about the sexual act and the moment she asked the deputy to stop, Didn’t remember to express it.

Further, the former deputy’s defense provided “various WhatsApp messages, compiled in the directive, not in line with the position stated by the MV”, and maintained between the complainant and a friend hours after the deputy left the house, and where he not only mentioned nothing about the alleged abuse, but that Jokingly they talk about looking for other men and asking Carlos if he has single friends for a friend.

The defendant’s lawyer, Juan Gonzalo Ospina, has celebrated the acquittal and assured that “It has been shown that the court acted coercivelyand respect for the law and presumption of innocence, with admirable courage”.

“They have destroyed my life and my family’s life because of a false complaint,” the former deputy said after his acquittal. Legal sources have told Europa Press that Madrid’s Investigative Judge No. 11 is investigating the police and the woman for perjury at the request of the former deputy’s complaint.

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