Madrid has a beach (Virgen de la Nueva) and it has a blue flag


Virgen de la Nueva’s beach, in the San Juan Reservoir, receives another year (and three) ‘Blue Flags’. We tell you why you have to visit that place now amidst the havoc of summer.

Virgin of New Beach.  Photo: Javier Marty
Virgin of New Beach. Photo: Javier Martinez.
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Another year, the San Juan Reservoir and, in particular, Virgin of New Beach, becomes ‘Madrid’s beach’. a place full of possibilities that have just been found blue flag Provided by the Association for Environmental and Consumer Education (ADEAC). Located in the city of San Martín de Valdeiglesias, All safety and hygiene is guaranteed in this enclave To enjoy it as a family.

blue flag returns a
Another year returns to wave the blue flag on the beach of the Virgen de la Nueva. Photo Javi Martinez.

The Virgen de la Nueva beach is easy to reach. Located 40 minutes by car from the capital (from the M40, you reach the M-501 and later, the M-957) you can park in a designated area. However, as is logical, weekends become A much visited place and convenient to go with time,

If not, it’s best to look for a hole in the vicinity. Hermitage of the Virgin of the NewIt was built in 1956 and came to replace a 13th-century building that remained underwater after the construction of the San Juan Reservoir.

Access to the sandy beach is fully indicated And it turns out to be a freshwater paradise where kids and adults can enjoy a day full of activities. would be good advice Go with an umbrella to escape the heatDespite the widespread presence of deodar trees around the bathing area.

Activity in leisure and adventure.
Activity in leisure and adventure.

Those who love nothing more than dip should know that there are many Sector Companies Specializing in Multi-Adventure Activities, For example, sports clubs comfort and adventure (646 013 617), where you can practice specialties such as wakeboarding, flyboarding or water skiing. In addition, next to the beach they organize climbing and a little further, horseback riding, hiking or archery.

in weka (643 080 448), this season presents a resolution that promises to destroy. This is aquakarting, an activity that transports famous karts into the aquatic environment. In addition, you can enjoy Crazy Donut, Banana Fast, Wake Surfing or Wake Boarding. and in Yukalkari (617 709 274) The star activities are kayaking, canoeing and paddle surfing.

Image of San Juan Reservoir.  Photo:
Image of San Juan Reservoir. Photo:

There are many options for eating. Aside, Hermitage (91 863 44 66), a restaurant specializing in rice dishes and paella that has an extensive menu. Among other offers, in the kitchen of Maria Luisa they prepare twenty combined dishes with very competitive prices in addition to plentiful portions.

very close to this place we find Virgin of the New Kiosk (646 777 780), a venue with unbeatable beach views whose star offer is paella and in which, as in the previous case, it is advisable to reserve in advance.

In addition we find Weka Long Bar (643 080 448), a place where the most sought after products are hamburgers, grilled dishes, squid or anchovy parts along with various fish.

Image of Madrid's 'beach'.
Image of Madrid’s ‘beach’.

For those who like to extend the day, martuka (696 86 93 45) is 7 kilometers away and opens every day of the week until 2:30 in the morning. This restaurant offers a combination of chill out food (paella, with grilled meats or ham croquettes, among others) and drinks in the evening and night. In addition, it organizes multi-adventure activities.

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