Madrid Health’s computer system collapse affects all hospital consultations and health centers


The technical department is working on its restoration and has denied that it is a hack for the health network

Hospital of La Paz in Madrid.
Hospital of La Paz in Madrid.Europa Press

An accident in the computer system of Madrid Health Service (Madrilio Health Service) is affecting the normal functioning of the consultation hospital Along with the Community Center of Madrid primary care and of specialty center According to users, the whole area this morning after working intermittently over the weekend.

On behalf of the Ministry of Health, they explain that the computer is failing. Intermittent logging since weekend, The technical department is working to fully restore the service and they initially denied that it was a hack for the health network.

Access to the virtual health card as well as prior appointment does not work for any public health user in the Madrid region.

“Since yesterday we have been unable to access the electronic prescription computer module for more than seven hours,” the primary care physician explained to EL Mundo.

Not only does a computer failure affect the issuance of prescriptions to patients in Madrid, but doctors cannot access patients’ medical records because the system has been shut down for several hours.

The unit in charge of these incidents, CESUS, warns in a recorded answering machine message “widespread problems” in the system.

a week of strike

The collapse of the computer system has come as a week-long strike by non-prescribing doctors in Madrid’s public hospitals to condemn the “high temprity” at Madrid Health Service (Sermas) and call on the health minister to hold talks Is. Measure.

Indefinite strike affecting Statutory, Labor and Official employees providing services in Sarmas hospitals started from last Tuesday, 10th and the strike committee has already conveyed its intention Do not finish it until maximum stabilization of places is achievedWithin the framework of the Law on Temporary Employment Reduction 20/2021, which aims to reduce structural temporary employment to less than 8%, reports Europa Press.

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