Madrid looking for 178 candidates for mayor of PP: for now it is only confirmation that Almeida repeats


The regional party leadership wants to make the first appointments before the villages’ summer festivals.

Almeida and Ayuso.
Almeida and Ayuso.a. prezEuropa Press
  • Enrique Lopez Ayuso’s possible replacement in the presidency with Casado to separate from the ‘minister’ and in the Madrid government

After taking control of the PP in Madrid about a month ago, Isabel Daz Ayuso had two pending assignments. Pablo Casado accomplished the first on Wednesday by subtly modifying his government to displace Enrique López, a close aide of the former party leader, who so far held the most important position in the Puerta del Sol executive’s organizational chart. President.

The second would not be so simple surgically as it consists of neither more nor less. Nominate 178 Candidates to the mayors of several other municipalities in the area. At the moment, the only name confirmed on the ballots for the May 2023 elections is that of the capital’s current mayor, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, who has already been publicly anointed with congratulations from both the party’s autonomous leadership and the President. The new national leadership opted to re-validate its position.

To prepare these lists, Ayuso has received only one order from the current president of the PP, Alberto Nez Feijo: that he elect Winner Profile, And this is where he will have to focus his efforts over the next few months, as his idea is on the first floor of Gnova 13 to confirm the first appointments before the cities summer festival so that the chosen ones can use them A platform for promotion. Launches, especially in places where the party is on the opposition benches.

Baroness from Madrid’s team worries that while he has Aseptacin grade greater than 55% In some municipalities, candidates who have submitted election decisions so far are evaluated as low according to the internal elections managed by them. This circumstance is very relevant in local elections, especially in smaller towns, as it is more common to vote for a specific person rather than an abbreviation for a particular political party.

The PP currently governs the 81 municipalities of the Community of Madrid. Yesterday I celebrated the anniversary of the first three years of its constitution in an act which, in addition to Almeida, also had the mayor of Madrakos, Eva Maria Gallegoarrange, Mara Jose MartinezColado Villalba, Maria Dolores Vargasand Torren de Ardoz, ignacio vazquezurepresent the north, south, east and west of the region, respectively.

Although the meeting, held at the Legazpi Slaughterhouse, was initially organized by the party’s municipal group in the capital, which Ayuso was invited to attend, the regional leadership later decided to expand it with the intervention of the other four councillors. . According to a spokesperson, the Secretary General, alfonso serranoSimilar requests were received from other municipalities and the team of the first mayor of Madrid agreed without problem to include him in the event.

Although there are still no confirmed names other than Almeida, it is believed in the PP that the current spokesman in Fuenlabrada city council, noelia nezoThere will be candidates in 2023. Already in the area of ​​the political pool, the Minister of Health, Enrique Ruiz-Escuderoand transportation, David Perezrespectively, as head of the list in Pozuelo, where the party rules with a comfortable majority, and Alcorcan, once again winning a traditional PSOE fiefdom.

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