Madrid man who has fed the cast of ‘Game of Thrones’, Clint Eastwood, Almodóvar and other movie stars since 1976


Rafael García Velasco Owns the First Spanish ‘Catering’ That Started Filming 68 Years Ago

Rafael Garco
Rafael García Velasco, owner of a leading catering company serving the audiovisual sector.Angel Navarrete

Rafael García Velasco (1949, Madrid) was feeling stunned. “What do you think?” I asked Dustin Hoffman, Words don’t come out. “John, what am I saying,” I thought. For the past several days, both were immersed in the recording sets of the film. Ishtar (1987), which was being shot in Morocco. He was in charge of offering his service food and drink Apart from the cast of actors and actresses, directors, production staff and technicians, who say by quick accounts, there were no less than 100.

But this anecdote represents only the tip of the iceberg of all the experiences that remain in his memory because of his work. Rafael is the director and owner of First Cinema Catering Company in Spain, It’s been 68 years since his father Eduardo started this adventure black knight (1954), starring Alan Ladd in Arranjuez. “The Americans were happy,” he recalls from stories he’d heard from childhood.

It was the first push that moved the wheels of the trucks, on which his father installed the kitchen, which worked with wood at the time. Since then, he hasn’t stopped walking: Lawrence of Arabia, Cleopatra, The Crown, Game of Thrones, Pain and Glory, El Buen Patron .., The list, which has no end, consists of 800 movies Also recorded in over 18 countries in Europe and North Africa 150 National and International Series.

Raphael Kettering offering his services to a recording set
Raphael Kettering offering his services to a recording set

Rafael is crazy about his work, anyone can tell by listening to him. He was nine years old when he learned that he too wanted to feed big stars. He went to visit his father while he was working John Paul Jones (1959). His eyes were dazzled when he saw how the cooks cooked buffet He was immersed in the atmosphere of cinema which had such an impact on him. I look all right here, he said to himself.

It takes him a few seconds to think about how many years he’s been at it. started with Robin Y Marianne (1976), played by Sean Connery You Audrey Hepburn, Throughout this journey, he has thoroughly learned the diet of great interpreters of yesterday’s and today’s successes, some more extraordinary than others.

Rafael Garco
March or Dead. Raphael with Terence Hill on the recording of

His team was in the shadow of one of the sagas that has fascinated the masses the most, game of Thrones, Sometimes they had to take care of the macrobiotic diet that I followed Emilia Clarke, remember that Tried to have dark chocolate with 85% cocoa, which he liked to eat from time to time. A Peter Dinklage They prepared a vegetable broth for him, which he always took to the canteen to drink throughout the day. You kit harrington He was a candy binge, he had a particular weakness for sweets.

Over time, he has learned to cherish the many surprises he had, such as when he met Clint Eastwood, “I thought it was too serious and it’s fascinating. Choose what was in it.” buffet You eat like everyone else, standing up, with your tray“, he assures.

Rafael Garco
Raphael with Clint Eastwood in the movie The Sniper

A Pedro Almodóvar It has been with him in all his films. “He’s a very involved person in his world, in his film, and in his actors.” It has also seen great heroes of national cinema grow up: a penelope cruz I met him when I was 17 years old.

It has worked with temperatures below minus 20 degrees Finland You Sweden, even in the desert Morocco, where sand storms are the order of the day. In general, each shoot involves three or four months of work, although they can reach up to six. “Every day we start at six in the morning and end at around six in the evening,” he explains.

A little jokingly, a little seriously, Raphael explains the words he used to hear from his father and which he fully understands today: “The good thing about movies and series is that they end. “

– His age is 73 years.

He is the director of Spain’s first cinema catering company.

He is in audiovisual sector for 68 years.

He has given his services in 800 films and 150 series.

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