Madrid rises to the stage of luxury

Madrid climbed up the spot in the luxury rankings. And it’s driven so much by shopping tourism, in the wake of the wave caused by hotel openings. four seasons In the Plaza de Canalejas, already known as the new golden mile, and the other five stars recently inaugurated—ten in total since 2019—it has increased in percentage that makes the city great. keeps on the way. this issue, Parse You milno, These openings are making a very positive impact and show the way forward, assure zandra falcoPresident of Krukulow Fortune, we must lay the foundation for a model that attracts high-end tourists, and especially the elite.

And although there’s still a long way to go, it seems this tourist has already put the city in the spotlight: inspired by travelers from the American continent, madrid It has been the third European city where luxury sales have grown the most. From January to May this year, 88 percent, according to data from a recent report on shopping tourism by Bain & Co. Fortune Circle, A figure that takes the city to third place on the podium, ahead only of the French capital and Milan, the cradle of Italian fashion.

an unstoppable movement

Luxury tourism is currently an unstoppable movement, turning Madrid face to face with the support of institutions leave, london hey RomaEnsures Manika Iesena, 34-year-old from Madrid, who runs the Four Seasons in Madrid. The hotel, whose cheapest room costs around 700 euros, proposes a new way of travel where everything is possible and puts Madrid on the map of luxury, as the city interests customers: culture, restaurants, fashion, architecture. , art. ., much more to offer and four seasons Monica explains that it helps to get into position.

they do too planning As with the renowned jewelry firm Cartier, which for the first time in its history has chosen the capital to present its new jewelery collection,’world’s beautiesA phenomenon that hitherto only took place in Paris, New York, London and Milan, which are the big shopping mecca of upscale.

long presentations

Why did he choose this opportunity madrid, We thought this was a very interesting destination for our customers around the world. It is a wonderful place, a wonderful city with many points of cultural interest and Quality Incredible life. In addition, it is in many ways a very positive contemporary development; The work that is being done everywhere is great at the urban level as well as with the renovation of the neighborhood hotel Those who are opening… we wanted to be a part of it and share it, because we think the city is not as famous as it should be, ANSWER Pierre Renero, Director of Heritage Cartier, an idea that he insists on Manika Iesena: We Madrileos are great at a thousand things, but not at selling ourselves.


The Colécine Beauties du Monde by Cartier at The Embassy (Madrid).

That’s why the presentations to be organized by the legendary firm Joyrawhich has always maintained a historical connection with our country: many of its iconic masterpieces have been designed for the Spanish royal family, queen letizia One Victoria Eugenie, One who had an incredible collection of pieces, tiaras, bracelets…, many different jewelry in his jewelry box, assured Renero,

to what extent do you have a Business, even of this ability, the power to raise the city to the top of luxury? Madrid is doing very well on its own. city ​​a. is within trend Very positive and in this we do not need to continue; It is already an indispensable niche for many people, responds Renero. However, I don’t want to overestimate my own power to change things, for some of our customers it will definitely be a Search,

Millennials and Zetas

They have a lot to say in this new shopping tourism in the capital millennium You zetasAccording to the report’s data, 37% of purchases are made by the generation of international travelers between the ages of 20 and 40 Bain & Company, There are tourists by nationality Persian Gulf and that Southeast Asia Who leaves the most money. On average, they deliver 1,070 euros per transaction, especially in moda and accessories (62%), far ahead of the next sector, Joyra and watch making (19%).

legendary jewelry

Presentation of the new Cartier High jewelery collection in Madrid for the first time in history ‘Beautiful of the world’, It represents an increase in capital from a French firm to the luxury sector. The capital lettered jewel of this collection (yes, there is a top in the middle of the top) is the necklace ‘Apatura’, A piece of museum-worthy platinum, diamonds and sapphires, similar to those displayed by Thyssen-Bornemisza at The Art of Cartier in 2013, when it brought together more than 400 legendary pieces, including jewelry. Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, Wallis Simpson, Mara Flix You Coco Chanel.

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