Madrid’s future without Mbapp: the renewal of Vinicius and with 200 million “quiet and without madness”


The French striker conditioned everything. 60 million salary places and 200 million cash were for him. There are plans to copy models from recent years with signatures such as Rodrigo, Valverde or Camvinga.

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now what? now a final European Cup, In it santiago barnabu number of Kian Mappo, This has hurt a lot. But there is no transfer market on the horizon, but a new attempt to rule the continent. Despite the fact that a section of fans on the street are thirsty for transfers, Madridista forces now rest there, because new names that they cover for a second that will continue PSG No 7,

not third From Mbapp to Chamartn the board has been the most surprising. in valdebebas got it first 2012when he was just a teenager from 14 who visited the sports city of Spain’s capital and decided to leave his neighborhood a few days later bondi to enter the mine manako, He also accepted with a certain logic, though already with a bit of anger, that Mbapp, after his explosion in the Principality from 18He would like to be the first to succeed in the big club of his country and his hometown.

What was not expected in the upper echelons of the Bernabeu is a change in opinion of the French footballer this year, signing biggest contract in football history, 50 million net Premium per season plus 100′ kg‘ (61 gross (30 net) and 97 renewal premiums paid From Barra to Messi in 2017) in Madrid he feared the situation would go wrong, but he relied on his will from last summer and what has been agreed in recent months. a trust that has been made template management base during the last two seasons.

Without Haaland and without big names

after signing to risk to change, twelve months later, Cristiano RonaldoSince the summer of 2020, Madrid has only 30 million what is the price camavinga, In addition, a signing was executed, when PSG rejected 200 million for Mbapp. The striker conditioned everything. pay location they’re going to leave Marcelo, Isco and Bale (about 60 million) was for them and 17.8 million in the last two windows for their salary and their transfer bonus After closing the economic hole of the pandemic. Such was the confidence and stubbornness that Madrid Haland. withdrew from the bid for Not being able to meet the economic obligations of signing Norwegian, with the proposal agreed with Mbapp’s crew. And such is the importance of gaol that there is no other similar piece in the market due to its age and quality. There is no ‘Plan B’ On the table only one name and two surnames.

When the Champions League final is over, Madrid will begin to explore its possibilities. declare the signature of RudigerChelsea Central will arrive for free, and accelerate to official position Repairs from get rid of and especially Vinicius Junior, The Brazilian attacker, as this newspaper learned, was obsessed with playing Mbapp, now keeping his position at left and earning Stripes for the next season. The instruction prepares for him a significant pay reform that will place him at the core of the workforce.

Vinicius B, beside Rodrigo, Valverde and Camavinga, the youth pillar of the future Madrid. It is unimaginable to win with this shirt, Vinicius posted on the social network moments after announcing the renewal of Mbapp. It’s a privilege to be from Madrid Which not everyone can have, Valverde wrote, while Rodrigo uploaded a photo of him kissing the Madrid Shield.

Young Blood and Madridista, is one of the keys to the good ambiance of the existing locker room, which is a must see in the market. Signatures such as Vinicius, Rodrigo, Valverde and Camavinga. Fear for the danger signing experience, which came with from 28refuses to do crazy things for other great stars already consolidated and is nearly impossible to get out of their teams, like lewandowski, ken hey requestTherefore the amateur should start investigating other names, such as Darwin Nezo (22-year-old striker for Benfica), bellingham(Half of 18 from Dortmund), Wirtz (19-year-old midfielder from Leverkusen), lion (22 strikers from Milan), tachoumen (Central midfielder of 22 from Monaco). 200 million in the cash and salary space, but without the cool and craziness, it seems for Chamartine.

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